Monday, April 21, 2014

Songran, Scorpions, and Transfer News!

Elder Landon J Watkins Week 45
Week Eighteen in Nong Khai

Monday, April 21, 2014

Hey Everyone!

Breaking news! We just went and grabbed some Indian food for lunch (which was way good by the way) and the Zone Leaders called. I'm moving from Nong Khai! Exciting news! I am going to have a new companion and a new area! Who knows if I will be the senior companion now as I'm getting a bit older in the mission? I'm excited Elder Unsworth isn't moving, but his companion is so we are trying to see if I can't go be his final companion! That would be the funniest thing ever if that happened, for sure! We will see what goes on! Ha-ha I hate transfers though; I'm so excited and nervous. It is unreal, so just hope for the best! 

Anyways, it sounds like you guys kind of already know about the whole Water festival-Songkran thing. It is pretty crazy! We first went and ate some lunch before we started playing because it really doesn't start until around 11 because they have to get prepared all morning. So we went and played with some members at one house then moved to another place where we met up with Brother Gang. It was at a members’ breakfast place which we eat at all the time (which was way tasty). We ate it this morning ha-ha. We played there for a bit and got bored so we went and walked through like the whole town just throwing water on everyone!!! It is crazy sometimes because they will put ice in the water and it is just freezing, but it was still pretty fun! Tuesday we tried to do some work, but it was just ridiculous how many people were just still playing water. We tried to do some stuff, but got soaked. We finally gave up and went and ate lunch with some members. Then we went to a members house and played again pretty fun! We had to be home at 6 every night though for curfew so on Monday night we ordered KFC to the house and Pizza Company on Tuesday.

As far as everything else goes nothing really happened too much. We have our investigator Buba who is way awesome she just can't come to church until next month, but she has learned nearly everything and just needs to come to church and get baptized. So that will be a nice baptism for the new elders that come! She really is our only super, serious investigator; no one else is doing anything special right now. We did have Sam who was way good, but we sent him off to Udorn because he said it was more convenient for him to learn there!

So as far as those scorpions you see they are real! In the sink where we brush our teeth (which is outside like in the back of our house) so we walked out there and the next thing you know we see these two scorpions and we were way freaked out; we were like are these supposed to be in our house!? Oh yeah and we found a frog in our house Monday night too; that was funny! But, anyways we are like these are probably pretty rare to see so we decided to catch them. After we caught them in Tupperware we stuck alcohol patches inside them to kill them. Then we stuck them in the freezer to freeze them so we could take pictures of them! It was kind of a cool little story!

This week at church we had 65 people which was pretty good since our last few weeks attendance has been way down. So it jumped back up which was awesome! Winay came to church but he bolted right after sacrament meeting. We were going to try and teach him everything so next time he came to church he could be baptized. Since yesterday was Easter the sisters made chocolate chip cookies, funeral potatoes, ham, chicken, and rolls for us it was pretty decent, but not as good as the mashed potatoes I made for the members on Saturday! A member here just loves potatoes and I was like I'll make some cheesy mashed potatoes (I knew I could probably figure it out)! So on Saturday for lunch I made them and we ordered KFC; it was soooooo good! There were some lumps (by the way Mom I mashed them with a pestle and mortar type of deal) ha-ha! But they turned out good and on Sunday that members ate them again because there were some leftovers! So looks like I can make one of my favorite foods, pretty decent on the other side of the world!

That's all I have though for you guys. Love you so much, thanks for your support! I'll let you know what happens with transfers!!



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