Monday, April 14, 2014

Songkran Festival or Water Festival

The Songkran festival is celebrated in Thailand as the traditional New Year's Day. Here is an interesting is the year 2557 in Thailand.

Elder Landon J Watkins Week 44
Week Seventeen in Nong Khai

Monday, April 14, 2014

Hey Everyone!

I'm still just postin up in Nongkhai these days, not much has changed really except the weather is way hot right now. We are hitting close to the peak of the hot season now and it is the Songkran Festival or the water festival. Luckily since this is a smaller place it isn't as wild and played as many days. Just yesterday, today, and tomorrow it will be played here. We have a curfew and we have to be inside our houses at 6 p.m. during it. We just switched around out studies. So yesterday we were lucky to get to the church before they all started playing so we had no problems getting wet then. We watched two sessions of conference which were way good and relaxing. Conference just seemed to fly by and was a good rejuvenation for our spirits. I really loved Holland’s talk it was cool. He shared such a powerful testimony at the end. I also liked Uchtdorf's and Eyring's in the Priesthood session. I liked Eyring's because he referenced baseball so much and I was able to relate and stay interested! I also liked Elder Perry’s talk and also the guy with the Brazilian accent in afternoon session of Sunday (I can't remember his name). It was just a way good conference. After conference ended people were just playing water festival like crazy so we were just hiding in the church. I didn't know how to get home because I didn't want to get my suit all wet. Luckily Brother Bang came to church here and his dad came up from Udorn to pick him up so Brother Gang’s dad took us straight to our house so we wouldn't get wet. I changed out of my suit into other church clothes that can get wet, but I didn't want to get them wet though. We were so close to sneaking all the way back to the church without getting wet, but there were just two random little kids hanging out. They were about to soak my companion and my companions says to them; Hey don't do it to me, do it to the white guys and I’m just like…What, I can’t believe you would tell them to get me…so they just soaked me! We just hung out at the church with members and had some activities. On the way home we were almost home again and as were sneaking home I was staying way back so they wouldn't know I was coming and hopefully soak my companion first and he goes through and the guy just completely leave him alone and I try to sneak by a few seconds after and the kid is just camping out like a little noob waiting for me and just dumps a whole huge bucket of water over me. Luckily we were almost home so I just went home and took off all my clothes and dried off like I had just had a shower. After that we were just stuck in the house the rest of the night because of the curfew. 
I pictured Landon getting soaked like this on his bike!!!
So today we are going to play some Songkran after we finish emailing. As of right now I think we will be going to our buddies little restaurant down the street that is where all the members will be. After that we will just wander around and play I think. Our new investigator said she will give us free sticky rice and mangos today if we go to her house so we will be heading over there for sure.

So onto our new investigator that we got this week. She is actually a friend of one of my recent converts Ice, if you guys remember she is the second person I helped get baptized here in Nongkhai. Her friend is here in Nongkhai visiting her family but lives in Bangkok. I think the new investigator name is Ann, but she will be going back to Bangkok so we will end up handing her off to some other missionaries! Maybe that is where I will move if I get transferred so I can keep teaching her ha-ha, who knows. Oh also Ice and Taew the two friends and recent convert of mine are also planning on moving to Bangkok to find work since they are just bored her in Nongkhai. 

As far as everyone else goes this week it has not been very good because of the Songkran Festival. Everyone seemed not to be free and too busy to meet. No investigators came to conference and no one is free until Wednesday.

As far as our investigators go though, Sam we are going to probably hand over to the Udorn Elders because he is down there more and said it would be easier for him to learn so we will be giving him to the ZL's which will be an easy baptism for them since he just really has to be interviewed for baptized.

Winay and his two kids are okay. We may try and baptize his two kids next week since they want to get baptized way bad. 

Transfers are next week we don't really know anything about it yet, but since my companion is finishing his mission we will probably be going down to Bangkok a day early. Yeah and if you were wondering my companion is way trunky and just wants to go home and won't do anything ha-ha so wish me luck this week, for real! He is good though I still love him, he is a boss! I have learned a ton from him!

Anyways, love you all! Have a great week!



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