Monday, June 2, 2014

Phone Numbers, Baby Tigers, Daters, and Carl's Jr!!!

Elder Landon J Watkins Week 51
Week Six in Samut Prakan

Monday, June 02, 2014

Hey Everyone!

Well another week down; it was a pretty good week for the most part!

First I'll start off with the crocodile farm! It was way cool! I got to get my picture taken with a baby tiger cub and the big tiger! They had some hippos too, man those things are huge and scary it is cool because you can feed them bananas. They also have some Asian black bears and if you tell them to “Y” which is the thing you do when you greet people here they will do it back to you and then you toss them a banana. It is pretty cool!
Feeding the Baby Tiger and if you look close you can see the banana in the Hippos mouth

As for some other cool stuff that happened we did some hardcore inviting this week and got 37 new phone numbers of potential investigators we can possibly get. We have 2 new potential investigators from English class also; so I'm hoping we can get about 3-4 really good investigators. Thursday we didn't really have a plan or anything to do and the other 3 Elders just wanted to sit at the house and I'm like no way, I'm not doing that. I'm not wasting my time sitting at the house. So I just stood and said, I'm leaving and they just followed me. So I just started talking to everyone as we went and invited them all to get baptized and they just watched me for like 30 minutes. I was seriously, you guys are pathetic and then my comp joined and it was just him and I with two shadows following us (if you get what I'm saying) ha-ha. Nothing more annoying than when I'm inviting and someone is just standing there listening to my conversation when they could be inviting someone else. I got us to this market that is only open on Fridays and I was just going ham, pulling numbers like crazy and finally all 4 of us started inviting together. It was way cool to get us all going back to doing the work of the Lord, that is for sure.

The Zone Leaders called us and told us that the AP's want to come do a switch off with you and your companion on Saturday. So Elder Marshall came down to be my companion for the day and my companion went up to Asoke with Elder Hunsaker and Wilson. Right now we have three AP's, We got 22 phone numbers from inviting together, it was way sweet! The only sad thing was we had 8 people committed to coming to church and only got 2 investigators came to church which is too bad! But that was okay we have 3 baptismal daters now. 

We have Muays niece Ing we just baptized a couple weeks ago. One of the girls I met contacting this week also said she wants to get baptized. We have to give people later dates right now because stake conference is the 15th up in Asoke. We are pretty sure they will be announcing the new stake in Thailand which means we will have 2 stakes in Thailand; so sweet!!!! Our other dater is Tik who is also ready she just has to finish her last two tests which are the 8th and 15th and then she is ready to get baptized she is way awesome! 

It was way cool though when I invited our new investigator Ging, I was just talking to people and I was like hey do you want to wash away your sins and she was like, yeah! I was like whoa, because people will say yes all the time because they don't understand what you are saying so I asked her again and she said yeah and I was like; for real? I asked if we could have her number and if we could meet tomorrow? We made an appointment with her to come to church the next day. I called her just after 8 o clock and asked her if she was coming and I woke her up ha-ha. I couldn't even understand word she was saying because her voice was so sleepy. I told her I was sorry for waking you up, but told her she should come still, but she said she couldn't get ready in time :( Hopefully it is better this week!,

Today we went to Bangkok for interviews with President Senior for our upcoming zone conference. But you will never believe what we ate for lunch! Carl’s Jr.!!! Oh man it was sooooooo good! I had a double Western Bacon cheeseburger with crisscross-cut fries. It was a little expensive, but sooooo worth it; the best fast food I've had on my mission! Which reminds me I completely forgot to tell you we found a Mexican restaurant pretty close to our house? It is a Mexican guy that married a Thai women and he opened up a restaurant. Such a good pork Barbacoa burrito and totally hit the spot…it was amazing! We walked into the restaurant and thought we were back in America again. The atmosphere it was way better than Que Pasa Mexican food, but Que pasa makes a mean steak and cheese sandwich with super shakes. This place was so good and it was nice to just order it in English ha-ha!

After Carl's Jr. we got some shopping done in Watergate. I bought a couple t- shirts and ties and to top it all off I'm getting a suit cut! Nice light grey with maroon lining initials and a vest. I'm so excited it was only 7000 baht so not bad probably around $225 dollars in America, but it is tailor fit, so it doesn't get any better than that. The type of service it would probably be like $500 bucks easy in America. I'm excited and can't wait to send you a pic in my new suit!

That is all I got for this week though, love you guys!


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