Monday, August 4, 2014

Em's Baptism!!!

Elder Landon J Watkins Week 60
Week Fifteen in Samut Prakan

Monday, August 04, 2014


This week was pretty sweet for the most part! First things first, being with Nate was way awesome! The time went by so fast, but it was way fun to just hang out with him for the day and show him around Thailand. Seeing his and Josh's face after taking pictures with the tiger was awesome too. They are just like; “Wow this is so cool!” Made me think back to the first times when I did that and I was just like them.  It is just funny how when you are doing it you think well; it's just a tiger, but where else in the world can you just go and hold a tiger like that; I don't know? I'm sure you saw all sorts of good pictures of them at the crocodile farm. It is too bad at this place they won't let the elephants pick you up with their trunks. I tried to talk the guy into it, but he wouldn't do it, guess you have to go to Ayutthaya for that experience.

Tuesday was a crazy day we had to go to Bang Na for District meeting. We finally got back to the church and worked on making a map of all the members’ houses in Samut Prakan. It was hard and annoying because you can just buy a map of Samut Prakan. We had to zoom in on Google Earth then Screenshot it and print it out so the map seems unorganized, but the Bishop said its okay. They just want to know where all the members live so they can move the church to the most convenient place possible. We worked on this assignment all week and we finally sent it in on Sunday to the Stake President.

After English class at 8 o clock that night we had Brother Em's baptism it was way good! Super short, but it all worked out. I was able to baptized him which was way cool!!! I did it on the first try which always feels good to get it right on the first try.

On Sunday we had 71 people at church and 4 investigators. We have some potential investigators to get baptized next week, Sister Bung and Uuy, but neither of them accepted the date!  We just need to meet with them a few more times this week and help them out! We only met Bung 8 days ago and she has already learned almost everything. She has already read to 1 Nephi 18; which is pretty fast! Anyways Brother Em and Way both got confirmed on Sunday, so that was cool! Hopefully we can get somebody baptized this next Sunday, but who knows. I may not even be here with transfers coming up this week. Hopefully we find out tonight if I'm just getting a new companion or if we will still be in a threesome. I really like this area a lot and don't want to move. It is possible that I could stay even though I've been here the longest, but really not that long!

Other than that everything is going good! Today is Elder Savages birthday so we are going to just do whatever he wants today, so it should be fun! Love you and hope you have a great week!

Elder Landon J Watkins

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