Monday, August 18, 2014

The Story of Bung's Baptism and the Golden Investigator: Jaw!!!

Elder Landon J Watkins Week 62
Week Seventeen in Samut Prakan

Monday, August 18, 2014


This week was pretty good because of the awesome turnout in the end. So first I will start off with the great news; Bung got baptized woohooo! :) It was so awesome! Monday she went with us to Mega Bang Na and we all had a good time going doing some shopping and stuff. After we taught her and finished up teaching her that day she still wasn't willing to accept a date, an interview or anything. The thing is she is scared her family will get upset and won't let her get baptized. I said; okay you have a goal to talk to you family before we meet again. We told her that we should meet with you as much as possible and luckily she quit her job a couple of weeks ago so she is free all the time for the moment…ha-ha. We met with her on Wednesday and taught her about the tree of life and we compared it to how baptism in her life will be like eating the fruit and she really liked it, but still wouldn't accept a date. But, she did talk to her Mom and when she asked her Mom, her mom didn't respond. We said okay we have an appointment to meet with on Friday; will you talk to your Mom again before then and she said; okay. Friday comes and she calls us and is like; my Mom called, but I 'm not telling you what she said until we meet. When we get there she is like, my Mom said if I want to get baptized that I have to marry someone who is already a member in the church before I can get baptized... We are like; are you kidding me and she was like; yeah. I wasn't expecting that response at all.  We just talk to her and shared tons of scripture telling her God will take care her and she really liked that and we just got her thinking about some things. We have been telling her the whole time we wanted her to get baptized on the 17th. I asked her about what she was thinking about doing? She responds; “well I have to get interviewed tomorrow, right; if I'm going to get baptized on Sunday” and I said; “yeah”. Do you want to get interviewed and she said;”YES”! WOW…so awesome! She finally accepted. She comes out of the interview on Saturday and I'm like; so did you pass your interview? When are you going to get baptized? She said; tomorrow, right? I was like; yeah, I think we can do that ha-ha. She's like okay, but on one condition, you have to baptized me and promise that you will do it right the first time. I was like okay; I'll do my best ha-ha. At the church during the second hour I'm sitting next to her in investigators class and she writes a note and gives it to me saying she feels sick and not good about getting baptized. I'm like, you're okay; just say a prayer and you will feel better. So right in the middle of class she just bows her head and starts praying and so do I because I'm praying as hard as I can to help her fell better too! Sure enough class ends and I ask her if she is doing okay and she's like; yeah, I'm better, I feel great! I'm just like; thank you Heavenly Father because I was scared she wasn't going to follow through with the baptism. Comes down to the baptism finally and first try; I got her baptized! Man it felt so good. I honestly haven’t felt the spirit that strong at a baptism while in the water. I know Heavenly Father was watching over us the whole time; it was just so great! She was just so happy. After we changed back into our clothes we were just waiting for her and she comes out with the biggest smile on her face and gives me a high five; so funny, ha-ha. Then later last night I was putting my suit away and she had left like a little tiny short note for me just telling me thanks for everything. It made me feel so good inside! She was awesome, she just didn't care her family wasn't accepting her changing religions and she just put all her trust in God and she got baptized; soooo awesome!

Sorry that was such a long story, but honestly it was the greatest thing that happened last week. The next thing is I met this guy named; Jaw last Sunday night and we invited him to church and he said he'd go. We met with him on Wednesday and he brought a friend from his work. We taught him and he accepted a date for the 24th; he is way awesome! He came to church on Sunday too. His phone is always off, but Sunday morning he called me to tell me he was on his way to church. He is the most golden investigator ever. All he does is say how impressed he is with us and after church he said the members were so awesome and he was so impressed. We taught him and at the end that everything we are teaching you is to help you get baptized next Sunday. He is like, I need to start preparing and getting a set of white clothes! I'm like whoa, don't worry about that; we got them here for you. He is like okay; next Sunday I can get baptized. I'm almost positive he is getting baptized this next Sunday; he is awesome! He is a 50 year old guy and will be a great Melchizedek priesthood holder.

Anyways that is really all for this week. Elder Crump brought his companion down last night to get his Patriarchal blessing from the Patriarch here; that was cool. I'm the only one who knows where the guy’s house is so we had to take them there and we were even able to sit in on the blessing. It was such a great spirit in the room; it was sooooo cool. Hearing it all in Thai was really awesome and it so amazing what revelation God is able to give us through our Patriarchal blessing; such a special gift we get from our Heavenly Father.

It was a good week though! I would send you guys pictures, but I'm just afraid these computers will erase them so I'm not going to send them from this internet place, sorry. 

Have a great week. I love you all!


Elder Landon J Watkins

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