Monday, September 1, 2014


Elder Landon J Watkins Week 64
Week Nineteen in Samut Prakan

Monday, September 01, 2014


Thought that I would switch it up this week from the same old Hey Everyone ha-ha, but no one can probably read what this says :) All you need to know is it says…hi ha-ha. It looks cool though, right?

Anyways this week was pretty awesome for the most part! First too start off we had two baptisms! It was so awesome we had Sister ฝน Fon (Rain) and Sister ฝ้าย Faiy (Cotton). They both came to church for the first time last Sunday and for Fai we had to get special permission to get her baptized this fast because she is only 17. But she passed an interview with the Zone Leaders on Thursday then she interviewed with the bishop on Saturday and the bishop talked with President Senior and he gave the okay for her to get baptized this week! It was way cool that we were able to pull off two baptisms! Sister Fon was awesome though we met her everything morning at 8:30 to teach her and get her ready for baptism this week. Because she works from 10-10 everyday. The only problem was how is she going to get baptized on Sunday because her boss wouldn't give work off. So we asked her what are you going to do and she is like; just not show up to work ha-ha! So to get baptized she just didn't go! She has a plan to quit her job and find work at the end of next month so that she can keep the Sabbath day holy, but her faith was so awesome to see her grow and develop and exercise this much faith! It is awesome how many people are ready to receive the gospel in their lives so fast and quickly to change their lives.

The baptism was awesome though; yesterday at church we had 66 people. We had 4 investigators and the other elders had 3. I don't know what happened we had 60 new phone numbers this week, but just no new investigators showed up to church, we don't know what happened! But 4 people actually did get baptized! We had two 8 year olds get baptized also, which was way awesome it is the first time I've been somewhere on my mission that had a members child turn 8 and get baptized. It was 2 girls, such a cool special experience! For the other two it was awesome because they both chose me to baptize them! It was just an awesome and special experience as usual! I think the bishop’s wife took a really good picture that hopefully I can get from her and send to you guys because I saw her take it and it should be awesome! But the spirit is just so strong when I get to baptize people. It is so special. It made me think back to the time when I went to the Temple for the first time and I was able to be the person baptized for the dead; just so special! I baptized both of them first try so that was good! Everyone in the ward thinks I'm way good at doing the baptisms ha-ha! It is awesome though! 

As far as next week I made a goal for 1 baptism which we are hoping we can pull off! We have two potentials. Nawk and Lek, we are hoping we can get one of them baptized so we are working our hardest! Our zone had 33 baptisms this month and not to boast or anything, but it just felt good when the results came in and my companion and I tied for the second most in the zone! We've gotten 4 baptisms in 3 weeks and it just feels good! Expect more to come because the work is hastening here in Thailand!

Love you all so much hope; you have a great week!


Elder Landon J Watkins

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