Monday, September 8, 2014

Elder/Chef Watkins

Elder Landon J Watkins Week 65
Week Twenty in Samut Prakan
Monday, September 8, 2014

Hello Family and Friends

How are you all doing?

This was a pretty good week except we weren't able to pull off a baptism this week, but the other Elders did so it was still great to still have a baptism on Sunday. This week was a lot better than the last week I feel as far as work went because last week. Not sure what happened that we weren't able to get any new investigators to church last Sunday, but this week we had 7 so that was pretty awesome. We made a goal for 4 baptisms this week and I think it is possible, but it will take a lot of work on our part and help from the Lord. We have some pretty, awesome new investigators. We got 2 new referrals from members this past week and found 2 golden investigators from inviting.

It was great to go have the special training from Elder Steven B. Allen (Managing Director of the Missionary Department) and Elder Funk (in the 70). It was a great opportunity to learn.

As far as my companionship goes Elder Lodwick and I are doing great. The work is really progressing here and we have created a great team here working together. 

As far as my personal study. It has been great! This last week I have been using my time reading PMG and the other part to read some talks Elder Lodwick has given me. “The challenge and testifying missionary along with the fourth missionary”. Some really awesome talks that have increased my drive in the work of the Lord and helped me to understand what kind of a missionary I want more to be and what things I can do to be better. Self evaluation has been huge this transfer for me which is what I think has helped me to become the missionary I am right now. 

This week my companion and I have been just cooking it up like champs! Man we have been making some amazing food! Last week we made Papaya Salad and fried chicken for dinner. Saturday morning we made orange/lime fried chicken omelets and sticky rice. Man it was so good! But, last the best of all was last night we made fried papaya salad which is honestly my favorite thing I've ever eaten here in Thailand, but it is really hard to find so we decided to give it a shot and make it last night; it was way gooood! It wasn't the best I've had, but like it was about an 8 on the scale of 1-10. Then we had orange/lime fried chicken on the side and it was soooo good, nice and moist; way tasty with some stick rice to go with it. I think Mom would be so proud really! (I am way proud and impressed he is cooking) I've been just making shakes for breakfast recently. Oh and this last week I made brown sugar cinnamon oatmeal which was so good! Who knows I may be quite the chef when I get home. Making food is way delicious and good, but it does take a lot more time; that's the problem. Anyways I'll shoot some pictures your way of our awesome dinner we had last night! 

Hope you all have a great week! Oh and this is our last full week before transfers. The Bishops wife had asked me earlier in the week to bear my testimony, so I was the last person to go up in Sacrament meeting the bishops and his wife really like me (I can't blame them ha-ha) and after I sit down the Bishop just gets up there and says, Elder Watkins is moving and will be moving on to other places. So everyone after Sacrament is like you're already moving and finishing your mission. I'm like no-no no I'll be seeing you all next Sunday and I still got 9 months left in my mission it was so crazy but funny! 


Elder Landon J Watkins

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