Monday, February 9, 2015

The Fish Grabbers!!!

Elder Landon J Watkins Week 87
Week Nine in Roi Et
Monday, February 09, 2015


Well this was a pretty awesome week for the most part! On Monday we had a FHE with Ern and Ahh and the District Presidents Family! It was awesome and there was a ton of good food! She made chicken wings and I ate 22 of them and there was still a whole plate they wanted me to eat and I was like whoa; no way ha-ha! I was so satisfied though and it was good for Ern and Ahh to experience that!

Tuesday was awesome… first thing in the morning we got ready and headed off to help serve old Bro. Yahd again! He's so awesome ha-ha; he's a 78 year old man who can barely hear and I don't even know if he speaks Thai ha-ha! So we ended up pounding PVC pipe in the ground with this wooden log he gives us and then you take a water bottle (which has a hole poked through the cap) and squirt it around the PVC pipe which hits the dirt at the bottom around the PVC pipe. You pull it out and dada; you have a nice little hole to water and plant the watermelons! It was some pretty, wild work! After that was when the real fun came! We went over to this huge pit and it is just mud with all these Thai guys grabbing fish and putting them in baskets; it was so funny! Man that was some thick mud, just trying to climbing down in it even trying to walk! Then you just shove your arms down in the mud and try to find the fish! We didn’t get to help them much; because they were just finishing up! I did catch 4 fish and my comp got 2; so I guess I was the better fish grabber ha-ha! It was fun though and a good experience; that was for sure.

We had our training Wednesday morning in Bangkok which was pretty awesome! We are now just focusing on families as much as possible which is way awesome! Plus we had such good food! They made a ton of pancakes with Buttermilk syrup; wow were they good! For lunch they made Lasagna and had salad with Ranch Dressing which was the first time I've had that since the MTC; so good! We headed off to Korat that night so we could train the missionaries there! Then we did a switch-off with them. We got back around 1 AM on Friday morning and got a little bit of sleep and then trained the other districts that morning which was good because Sister Stoker made us Cinnamon Rolls ha-ha!

Friday and Saturday we worked hard teaching lessons and preparing as much as possible for Sunday! We had 110 people at church this week with 29 RC's; so that was way awesome. The only thing that was bad is Ern and Ahh showed up late so they didn't make it to sacrament, so now we don't know when or how we will get them baptized because they actual study at a university in China and are headed back in March and the next 2 Sundays they are not free again until March 1... So next week we committed Ern to go to church in Nongkhai and the Ahh in Asoke. We had a new investigator come to church named Wirat; he is way awesome! He's 82 years old! He accepted a date to be baptized next week! So we are trying really hard with him! He's has a cane and everything, but he still drove himself to church; which is awesome! Sister By was baptized yesterday (if you guys can remember her) I was teaching last transfer until I moved areas! I sent you picture of her because I really got to teach her everything before she got baptized! I was way excited for her though; it was cool!

That's all for this week. Today we are just going to relax and have a good time! I am going to take my companion to the Moose to get his haircut. It’s a really nice barber shop I found that I really like! Love you all!

Elder Landon J Watkins

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