Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The best way to get naughty Iban kids to behave :)

This week and past week were pretty normal but it was just a more intense heat this week. The Iban Jerry is still progressing well and we taught WoW (Word of Wisdom) last week and to our surprise he has no problems what so every :). So he is still on track to be baptized on December 19. Turns out all the Iban's are going to France to work for 6 months in February (just the husbands) so it is like 6 of them who will head out. It should be crazy. It could almost be a movie title like "Ibans in France" ha-ha. We also have two other baptisms for December 19. Dennis and Andrea which are Sister Myra's kids. One is a convert baptism because she is 9 and the other one is 8, so we go teach them. Sister Myra is a Pilipino here who is married to a Chinese man and has 6 very naughty girls and boys’ ha-ha but they are still sweet. Her husband isn't a member either and is always in Kuala Lumpur for work though. This week we also set Suresh a great Tamil man up with a baptism date. It was probably the most intense one to set ever. He is way good though and he loves to learn. We found out he smokes though and he just laughed about it because his sister who's a nurse is also trying to get him to quit but, he said he is willing to try to quit smoking.

This week wasn't too eventful though… we are here at the email cafe getting ready to head out to Kuala Lumpur. Our Zone leader Elder Stone is leaving us to go to Singapore this week to become the new AP (Assistant to the President) so we lose a good Zone leader :/ but stuff happens.

Funny thing we saw the other day was an old lady probably 60 playing Grand Theft Auto on Play Station so before we knocked on her door we watched and then we knocked and she jumped and it was pretty funny.

I don't remember if I said this already but I finished my training 3 weeks ago so that was sweet. I am still learning Malay slowly but mostly just speaking broken English right now ha-ha. We decorated the church on Sunday for Christmas and decorated 3 Christmas trees. Then the church member decided I’d make a good Christmas tree and then the next thing you know is I have ornaments all over me ha-ha.

Something way exciting this week is Sister Wendy sent in her mission papers the other day so it’s pretty exciting. She should be getting her call in a couple months.

We are supposed to eat at TGI Fridays and Steam Boat… all today, so expensive but a delicious day ha-ha. Also at this mall we stop at to get on the bus has a really sweet tie shop and we are going to try to stop there if we can.

We also found out the best way to get kids to behave from the Ibans. They have two tornados for kids and they are so naughty and when you ask them how their kids are they just say very naughty ha-ha but they had their neighbor hide in a closet with a mask and then come out and scare the kids from the back room and it worked the kids sat on their Dads lap with no problem and stopped throwing food everywhere. Also Myra's kids are really scared of grasshoppers so I caught one and showed it to them and they ran away screaming ha-ha it was way funny and then Myra kept it to help keep her kids under control ha-ha. Well that's all I can think of for the week.

Elder Watkins

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