Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Christine's Baptism & My New Friend...

At Christine's Baptism...Christine, Elder Ng-Woon, Rafael, & Nathan

Nathan and Kiwi on their knees by tiny Christine.

Me and my new friend Mary Jean Cornelius (10 years old) who is awesome...we now have a secret hand shake...ha-ha :)

Namasta! (Napales)

Well yet again another week here in KL and things are going great. Elder Thomas is getting his first transfer from Butterworth to KL :) so we are inseparable ha-ha. He’s going to be serving in the PJ1 and PJ2 Branch and Kiwi and I will be in Klang branch. Elder Thomas will be training a greenie.

This week was pretty good. Sister Christine got baptized and I will send some pictures home and she is tiny ha-ha as you can clearly see in a picture with us on our knees or the picture with our African member Rafael. Umm nothing has really come of Amy because turns out she is Muslim ha-ha, so we just did some service. But we will lose like 4 of our investigators right now, because it turns out that they are in Elder Thomas area and not ours. But we just got a new Iban family from Bintulu who are LA (Less Active) and they should be coming back to church even though my new Iban friend, Mary Jean says that at church she feels happy, but bored ha-ha, she’s so funny… she is 10 years old. This family is part member also so we will work on getting there grandson baptized and the wife’s husband. They are way cool and her son Sesar whose 17 listens to the same music I did back in our Kampong. They are a pretty awesome family and the only real reason they are inactive is because they just moved to KL 4 months ago. They are a pretty awesome family and they have a lot of potential.

But a cool story is on the way out to meet them on a train called the KTM we meet a 19 yr. old guy named Dillon who’s Tamil-Chinese and he’s awesome, we taught him a bit and he bought us Ais Kacang, and we hung out and he is a pretty sweet new investigator. He is really outgoing because he wants to be in media and he wants us to come speak to his class in his Christian Fellowship Club, so that could be awesome. Just goes to show you, you find new awesome people anywhere and you always need to be prepared.

Our investigator Kalyany who’s way awesome made us dinner last week which was amazing. We taught her The Plan of Salvation and it went really well. Then Sunday comes around, we call, no answer, then she calls back, sounds angry and said, she can’t come, but it’s ok, cause she go to another church on Sunday :/ so well have to work with that ha-ha, but what can do ha-ha.

This last week was really rough in finding new investigators but this week has already started off better. We got a new Zone Leader though named, Elder Pulver ha-ha from t-vill who I have met before and he is Hayden Pulvers cousin :) Umm that’s all for that.

But we don’t wear name tags anywhere in Malaysia still, but now I have a name tag in Chinese that cost me 5 rm ha-ha, it’s cool I just picked it up like 30 minutes ago. My Chinese name in Pinyan is, Wen Chang Lao, or Elder Warm ha-ha. Oh yeah no dinner yet with Amy though :/ and 6 new missionaries come in Thursday. That's all.

Elder Watkins

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Gary said...

Nate looks incredible!! I love seeing these guys grow up right before our eyes!! His smile tells it all.