Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How Fa?!?!

Nathan, Roberson & Kiwi

How Fa?!?! That is broken English for how are you and it’s what the Nigerians say ha-ha... I don’t know if I have used that one yet.

But things here are going good. Elder Kiwi has been in KL for about 5 months now and goes on his visa run next week. Sister Christine is in the branch that we cover and we have like about 70 members or so. The branch is pretty awesome and we have some awesome members here.

Umm this week we saw Roberson and he took us out to eat at Steamboat, Chinese traditional style ha-ha it was pretty good. But he won’t be getting baptized this week because he’s not quite ready because he thinks if he joins a Christian one he will get bad luck from the Buddhist god’s ha-ha, but we will work it out with him eventually. He’s pretty awesome and he follows everything that we’ve taught him so far. Now it’s just getting him into the water with maybe a little push ha-ha... just kidding.

Umm in KL we don't ride bicycles and it’s all walking and public transport. I guess I am collecting name tags since I will have one in English, Malay, and Chinese now ha-ha…but that’s pretty much all of them. Elder Thomas and his greenie Elder Kelley are doing great it’s slow for them because they were in a white washed area, so they have only the investigators we had to give them.

Zone Conference is March 31 and April 1, so it’s really quick already. Things here are awesome in KL though I love this area and the people here, I just hate taking public transport, 1 cause it’s not super reliable for buses, at least, and 2 cause it takes so much time. But we travel great distances everyday so it wouldn’t be too fun to do it on a bicycle, that and we'd probably all would have had multiple accidents on bicycles the way people drive here in Malaysia.

Getting new investigators is going pretty well, we got quite a bit of referrals last week from members, so it’s pretty awesome. We are going to start teaching Marie Jean's Nephew, her oldest sisters son, who's now 8 or 9 and try to reactivate his parents. His parents want him to get baptized and he has come to church with Noria and Mary Jean twice now, so it’s pretty cool. We also got a referral from two return missionaries from this mission from KK in Sabah. They referred us their cousin and we gave her a Book of Mormon and taught her about prayer and invited her to church. As we just talked with everyone else she read the introduction, after we left she asked her cousins some question and then read for 2 hours from the Book of Mormon that night :) oh yeah her name is Renee and her cousins are Eddy and Eder Wong. Eddy heads off to BYU Hawaii in April so that’s pretty cool. We also got some referrals from our Sri Lankan member and they are also Sri Lankan and they are new to Christianity and want to come to church. Umm.... and that’s all I can think of for now.

Today we are going to tour a Masjid (a Mosque) which should be pretty awesome and then head off to Petalying Street and Central Market as usual ha-ha. But nothing else. That’s awesome that the slow boat package finally came and everything was in it ha-ha. Sorry that Josh’s shirt didn't fit but large is pretty much the biggest size you can get in Malaysia, especially in Malaysia brand tee shirts ha-ha…it’s super hard to just find a large…so I am sorry. Glad all the DVDs made it and I will pick up those 3 DVDs today you asked about and send them out next week with my Myanmar Sarong or the Sarong I had made, which is traditional Sarawak design.

Selamat Hari Jadi (Happy Birthday) Grandma Watkins!

That’s all.

Selamat Patang

Elder Jalan

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