Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Taco Salad, Kool-Aid and Refried Beans...

Hey everyone!

Well this week was pretty good. Kiwi is off on his visa run and I am hanging out with Elder Thomas and Elder Kelley. Umm…so, awesome story for the week… Kiwi and I found a member from Guatemala here in KL WAH!?!?! She’s from the City of Retalhuleu near the Pacific Ocean! Pretty cool eh? Well we got excited at first cause, we thought she was just someone who wanted to learn but, turns out she wasn't in our area, so it was lame. Then we passed it to Elder Thomas and he met up with her and she was already a member ha-ha so crazy... her parents are also members as well which is cool. But she says it’s hard for her at church cause her English isn't super awesome but, she has started to come.

Also on Sunday we put an investigator named Jacob from Nigeria on a baptism date for April 4, which is pretty exciting. He loves church and all the African brothers at church and he loved choir. I think Africans bear some of the strongest testimonies sometimes...I think they are just really in tune with the spirit. But all in all he’s awesome and now he calls us every day just to say, "What’s up".

We also met an African on exchanges when I was with Thomas. I went to show him were his recent convert is and teach her. (Sister Florida from Indonesia) she’s way awesome. We taught her and then after we met this African, named Don Henry, who had heard about the church in Nigeria and he said, he toured the temple when they had the open house and loved it. And he wanted to be a member of the church ha-ha which is awesome. He then proceeded to say;
“and after I am I member, I bring my friends and they join the church and so forth.” Then he says; “and that's how it works right?” Ha-ha he’s way cool. This was on Saturday night and he came to church the next day which was way cool.

On Sunday a member made us dinner and it was Taco Salad mmmm…so awesome, with Kool-Aid as well, it was probably one of the best dinners I have had in a long time ha-ha cause it was refried beans mmm.

Umm also I found out something way cool at least to me it is, that Sister Christine the baptism we had a couple a weeks ago. She was baptized into Methodist about 7 months ago, then she came to Malaysia about 6 months ago but, before she was Methodist she was Muslim, so we just baptized an exmuslim which is cool huh? But I never knew until I asked Kiwi why she prays like a Muslim ha-ha. But she’s way cool and she'll call a talk to us once a week. Also she is bringing her boss to church and her boss wants to learn, which is way awesome.

Umm we also have a new investigator named Renee and she is a cousin of a member and she’s way cool and we met her on Thursday but she came to church last Sunday which was cool and she liked it. Apparently she asked a member about the church and said she likes what she learned but is yet to know if it is true. So she coming along great and we only taught her 1 time so far ha-ha. Roberson is still awesome but, no change on baptism, just that we are still friends which is good.

The weather here has had a lot of thunder and lightning and I mean… a lot and it’s been striking really close to where we stay and in the buildings we are teaching people and the members homes... so its way crazy.

Elder Watkins

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