Thursday, March 4, 2010

Life Happens...

We all know that Spring can go from sunny to a downpour in just a matter of minutes. And so does Life. Well our Sunshine Monday went to cloudy with Rain last night...

Landon was playing Church Basketball last night and went up to block a shot and came down and rolled his ankle. :(

It swelled up like a balloon. We iced and elevated it, but he still couldn't put any weight on it this morning. The X-Ray showed a High Ankle Sprain and they don't think his growth plate is fracture but it is hard to tell because it is still open. The doctor was in surgery today and so we saw his P.A., his doctor will look at the X-Rays tonight and double check everything. So unfortunately Landon is in "The Boot" for 3-6 weeks.
Let just say the timing couldn't be any worse. Baseball starts on Tuesday. He is totally Bummed! He isn't saying a whole is just so hard to watch them hurt. We are trying to be positive and pray everything will work out for him.

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