Wednesday, June 23, 2010

King of KL

We went to Elder Barlow's Homecoming (he was in the apartment with Nathan when he was in Butterworth). He told us that Elder Watkins was the King of KL now.

Shalom (that is how the Indonesians from Medan that are Christian greet you)

Well this last week was pretty crazy and well it still turned out ok. The reason my companion has to leave every 2 weeks is because he is Sri Lankan and that is just what they do for Sri Lankan's here in Malaysia. They don't want them working here and there is no way they can work here if they are leaving every 2 weeks ha-ha. He can only come into Malaysia every two weeks for 2 more months or so cause they gave him a stamp in his passport that gives him 4 months but he still has to go out every 2 weeks.

Yes, Elder Barlow is right I am like the King of KL, one cause I have 3 of the 4 areas here in KL and two, I have been here for quite a while so it therefore makes me King. And yea it’s pretty true that in Penang that Tamil, English, Chinese, and Malay languages are all mixed together so it’s pretty hard to even talk with 1/2 the people there. But Iban is the language of the original people of Sarawak which is similar to Malay.

This week Yanti will be getting baptized on Sunday which is way exciting she is way awesome. Dewi we are not quite sure if she will get baptized this week because we want to make sure her testimony is strong, in her baptism interview she said that her testimony or her faith is wavering. So we got some plans to help strengthen her testimony. She basically needs to read more often and to pray and it will help out but, she still plans on being baptized and is still awesome. She also might have a problem with the Word of Wisdom but, we aren’t sure cause she is very shy to tell us, she just told us that she ate a coffee candy which might just be a copout but, we will find out and help her to overcome it.

Justice isn't getting baptized this week its Ronald and he is way excited to get baptized. Brother Buhman, a man he works with and helped to fellowship him will baptize him this Saturday at 11. So it’s going down and he is way happy for his choice and after that he and Sister Clarence have plans to go to the temple in a year and get sealed together which is awesome. Justice is set on a new baptism date for July 10th. And hopefully he can make it this time, basically he didn't make it cause he wasn't taught everything before that date.

This week we had dinner with a family from Kuching, which are Bidiyuh which is another tribe out of Sarawak with sister Lucia and her parents and siblings and the best part is that her little sister is named Liahona ha-ha :) so awesome and it’s the truth. They are an awesome family but, they live in Kuching and only Sister Lucia is here for schooling. They made us some awesome Chinese food her mom is an awesome chef.

But this upcoming week the highlight will be Yanti and Ronald’s baptism. I am so excited for Yanti's since we saw her progress from the very beginning and its awesome how she just had to read the "Book of Mormon and Pray" and that is all it really takes to get a testimony but, some get it faster than others. She has a true love for this church and her goal is to bring the missionaries to her home in Indonesia for her husband and her two daughters. Last p-day she had the day off so she followed us to KLCC the Petronas Towers and she got to see them for the first time and she was really excited.

Well that’s pretty much all for this week. and I would write more but don’t have a lot of time cause I am going out with the Smiths now to teach the Myanmar kids some English ha-ha. Some news that is true though is we will get a new companionship here in KL on July 14th or something like that then I will be back down to just one area. Sorry I don’t have more time.

Next time eh?

Elder Watkins

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