Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hump Day...Only 365 days to Go!!! Ronald & Yanti's Baptism!

Elder Nathan B Watkins WEEK 52 (ONE YEAR)

Mom's note: We are so glad to be starting the downside of our countdown to his return. It was so great to see only 365 days left on the blog countdown. Hooray for us...only one more year to go!!! As you will read in his letter he doesn't even acknowledge he has been out a year...I guess he truly loves his mission. Thanks to everyone for always asking how he is doing and helping us get through this first year. We made it...barely!!!

Hey everyone,

Well this last week was awesome. We got Ronald baptized and he bore a great testimony about how everyone in the Branch has like spiritual strings attached to them and they all love and care for each other just as they were your brother or sister. But he was really strong and his testimony was awesome. He said he knew he just felt something different here at this church that he loved and that he knew he wanted. Brother Buhman his fellowshipper baptized him and it went really well.

Best of all Yanti got baptized! Wooo! Man was it a great day. She was so happy. It was by far one of the most spiritual baptisms. We had maybe 70% of the Branch there which was crazy and everyone really felt the spirit. It was by far one of the most exciting and well anticipated days. She was so happy after she came out of the water that she started to cry but, they were tears of joy she said knowing that she had found the truth and that now her next step was to share it with her family. That day she had worked from 7pm-7am then went home showered and changed then came to all of church and made it back probably at 4. So she had ended up being up without sleep for pretty much a day and she said it was totally worth it.

Dewi sadly wasn't quite ready for the 27th but came to the baptism which was good and which helped her to feel the awesome spirit that was there. We set her for July 11th which will work out well and she said she is now prepared so, this Friday she will be interviewed again and she is already gotten a stronger testimony of the Book of Mormon and Thomas S. Monson. She is so awesome. So she will be going down on the 11th of July and she will be at church this week cause she doesn’t have to work because every 2 years they get 5 days off in a row and they have a huge party at their work. Their work is actually pretty good to them in terms of days off and nice places to stay. But their pay is not so good but, man they have great hearts over there. We also have a great opportunity to teach her younger sister and a cousin and Dewi's younger sister. They all just came in last night at 5pm from Indonesia and are no working at the same place but stay in Cheras. So that is not our area but, we will pass them to the elders or the sisters to get them dunked :)

This last week was really good but, really rough. Cause not a lot of appointments since we cleared out all the non progressing investigators and basically cleared our pool except for 5 investigators. So on Monday we pretty much tried finding people all day cause our night appointment fell through at like 10 minutes before so, then we just saw a member. That day I probably taught 20 1st lessons on the hot street and man was my mouth dry and my skin like melting off ha-ha but, it was worth it. We found some new people and they are pretty good. We did some finding in little Indonesia and its like soap box teaching cause you'll teach like a group of 5-10 at one time. They are all very receptive and willing to hear the gospel. I think being out of their home country and in another place makes them think a little. The best part is even if they only meet with us one time more than always they will read the pamphlet so it doesn't go to waste ha-ha.

Today for P-day we went off to the Batu Caves and KLCC and we brought with us the sister missionaries Sister Lim and Wing and Sister Yanti and Dewi came which was awesome. They were super excited because they never really leave their little Indonesian neighborhood and they had a blast. It was a really good day and it was very fun heading off with them and showing them around the country they are in. Dewi told me she felt prepared for baptism and that she wanted to do it on the 11th so it was cool. So was that was pretty fun. But here comes the problem I kind of let them borrow my memory stick with all the pictures of the baptisms and all of the fun activities today so I will have to send pictures home next week. Sorry…eh minta maaf (Hey Sorry).

So now were on to lots of finding and seeking referrals from the member which is super tough and really makes you remember to rely on the lord and not your own strengths ha-ha. So umm before I forget Elder Rathnayake is 26years old and his parents know he’s a volunteer for a church and that's it. He doesn't speak Malay but speaks Sinhalese and no, I will probably not learn it ha-ha cause it’s hard and not even our Sri Lankan recent converts speak Sinhalese because they are Sri Lankan-Tamil. But all the Tamil people here always speak Tamil to him and he doesn’t speak Tamil ha-ha which is way funny. So sorry but, I will send you the pictures next week that’s my bad since I lent them the card to print pictures.

Well thanks a lot for everything.

Elder Watkins

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