Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Companion from Sri Lanka

My Malaysian Birthday cake

Maria, Me, Dewi and Yanti eating Birthday Cake at the Park

Hey Everyone,

Well this week was another amazing but, super crazy week. I guess we will start off with that Elder Kiwi, Elder Thomas, and Elder Kelley were all transferred off. Elder Kiwi was sent off to Sibu to be a Zone Leader. Elder Thomas was also off to Sibu and Elder Kelley was off to Bintulu. And now we are back to just one companionship here with three branches again which is super crazy and intense but, hopefully it was all work out. Ayo... so hard because all the areas are so big and the branches are so big but, well figure it out I suppose.

Right now I am in Singapore, I took a bus down on Tuesday because they changed it from Monday because I had to come and get my companion named, Elder Rathnayake from Sri Lanka, he is Sinhalese and he’s way cool and nice. Hopefully things will go good with us and we can get these people into the water ha-ha. We will be heading up the KL again on Thursday, just in time for Zone Conference and then that weekend is District Conference. So this week will just be okay and not a ton to report on because we won't have a lot of time to be teaching people ha-ha.

Well first things first are the people we are teaching. Yanti and Dewi came to church again on Sunday and it went really well they really felt the spirit and they still have a strong desire to get baptized. They both are super awesome and I am way excited for June 27th to come around. Maria is still doing well but, she got called into overtime on Sunday. She still has a concern that she said she will tell me when I get back from Singapore so that we can hopefully also get her baptized. She is still awesome but, has this one thing to overcome. She knows so much deep doctrine already and is so good in the Bible and stuff. Eder Wong and I both agreed if she gets baptized she would make a great teacher and would excel greatly in the church. But, for my birthday, on Saturday they got me a cake and we celebrated at the park near their home and it was way fun, I’ll send some pictures. The cake looks amazing but, didn't taste super amazing cause well it's a Malaysian cake and well they don't like anything sweet ha-ha. But it was the thought that counted and we had a blast. They each swapped me some cake which means they feed me cake generally they swap with their hands but I was fortunate to have it with a spoon ha-ha. They are so funny. They were super happy but super sad at the same time cause they found out Kiwi was getting transferred... but what can you do, they are still really awesome.

We recently inherited some new guys from the other elders. A cool Myanmar guy who will get baptized and read the Book of Mormon once while he was in a Pastor University, he's way cool and on track for baptism. He just needs to be taught some more and then he’s good to go. His name is David and he is pretty awesome.

We also got another African guy named Vincent and for some reason he has a lot of legit "Benjamin’s" in his wallet... who knows why but, it’s cool ha-ha. He has come to church twice but, I don't think he has been taught a whole lot.

But KL is pretty amazing and I really just want to get back to KL so I can get back to work in my own area and not just sit around here in Singapore. Because I am not super good and street contacting ha-ha sometimes I feel like I am stalking the person and then it just gets awkward ha-ha.

Robert and Kalpana our recent Sri Lankans converts are doing amazing and their boy Nickish is learning English so fast. They are such an awesome family. We gave them a picture of the temple and now it is above their bedroom door ha-ha so that way they will always remember their goal. Also in about 10 years or so they plan on moving to Germany because that’s where his brother lives so that means they can go to the temple there if not sooner in the Philippines ha-ha.

We are also teaching some new Indonesians this one is a member’s sister’s maid. So long story short she is going to see if she can bring her to church every week and then we will hook her up with a Book of Mormon in a couple weeks when she knows she can come back again.

All in all things are going awesome in KL except for the 3 branches coming up it is making it rougher ha-ha.

And Nick is going to Boston...wah? That so crazy that’s not where I would have guessed at all ha-ha. And thanks to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday and stuff with cards and on Facebook, etc.

Elder Watkins

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Georgia said...

Glad they celebrated Nathan's birthday is style. Can you believe you are the mom of a 20 year old? That was sobering for me!

Hey someone commented on Kevin's blog after seeing your comment:

malvinder88 said...
ELder Blisset probably didnt notice it but Ipoh is malay majority too. West Malaysians speak better Malay but to foreigners they automatically switch to English.
I met Elder Watkins in Penang, he was awesome ! We had Korean buffet together, he loved the shrimps !

If you go on Kevin's blog and click on the link on malvinder88's name it links you to his blog. I'm not sure how he linked to Kevin's blog. It looks like he's a returned missionary.