Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Running Everywhere...But worth it!

Hey everyone,

Well, this last week was pretty crazy. Between my VISA run and Zone Conference and then District Conference I have been running everywhere, meeting members and investigators and getting them all to follow us to District Conference. I just needed like a small bus for them all to follow me ha-ha… cause that’s pretty much how many members and investigators we had following us. But, we got Yanti to District Conference on Saturday and it was awesome for her to be able to come. She really felt the spirit and she learned a lot about how to share the gospel with her family and how to strengthen her family in the church so, she was way excited. On the way to the church and I am talking to Yanti and I see the two Assistants and I tell her that one of them is named Elder Compton and he is a very mean person so she was like, yah? And I said, for sure so watch out for him, but I was just messing around and I didn't think much of it. Later she was suppose to get interviewed for baptism and the Zone Leaders were busy so lo and behold Elder Compton has to interview her and she was like, oh crap and was nervous ha-ha. So today we meet with them this morning and she told me, hey you told me he was a rude guy and then I had to interview with him and I was so scared. I felt really bad but, luckily she forgave me ha-ha. She passed with flying colors and will be getting baptized on June 27 by Eder Patrick Wong and no, his name is not Patrick his first name is Eder so that is not a miss type ha-ha. But everyone always gets that confused ha-ha and thinks we are talking about Elder Wong he -he. So it’s exciting that she choose Eder to baptize her cause he is the member fellowshipper.

Dewi will have her interview on Friday and all should go well, she is awesome and keeps us guessing cause ever since we taught her how to joke she always is, she is even getting me with jokes ha-ha. Like I called her to tell her to come out so we can meet with her and she says I have to go to work but, she was just messing with me and then just showed up at the store with Yanti ha-ha so, she has even tricked the Master.

We also have a Filipino man named Ronald who will get baptized on June 26 and oh yeah, Dewi is June 27. Ronald is really cool and is also excited. We have Glenda still but she is in China so her baptism is postponed.

Justice a man we received from the other elders was suppose to be baptized this week but can’t cause he has only been taught 2 lessons but, he has been to church for like 2 months though. So we will work on getting him dunked.

So my companion is from Sri Lanka he is the only member of his family. He is a convert of about 2 years and 4 months. Before he was Buddhist and his parent don't even know he was baptized. He is cool the only problem is he has to leave every 2 weeks and go back to Singapore... which is pretty ridiculous which means are area is down 3 days every week and half, which sucks cause we cover 3 branches so it is pretty rough. He speaks English alright and he speaks Singhalese. I am the Senior companion and the District leader.

I didn’t get any mail from Singapore. My bus ride down to Singapore was about 6ish hours. So I didn’t get to see Elder Herbst :/ but what can you do. On July 14th there are new missionaries coming in and President Clark said they will put in another companionship. And there might be some other elders coming in next week but were not sure.

And yeah that person who posted on the blog is Elder Dylan, probably spelled that wrong he is from the Ipoh Branch but, he was schooling in Penang when I served there. He also served his mission here. He is Punjabi and Chinese mix. He’s cool he just finished his mission last December. And the Timothy's still have a little influence left in Butterworth they had a couple of families they helped baptized a long time ago.

Umm and I am jealous that I did not get to eat my birthday brownies from the Nielsen’s but, I did get Malaysian cake ha-ha which means like no sugar and it is not as awesome as American cake ha-ha. The Smiths took me to Outback Steak House though.

But next week Elder Rathnayake goes to Singapore so I am going to try to get Eder to be my temp companion so, that is all for the week. Next week will be awesome with the baptisms coming up.

Elder Watkins

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