Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A bunch of ground chilies spread on a hot dog...

Hey to all you out there from the far off and exotic land of Klang West Malaysia,

This last week we have been doing lots of finding and it was ok. This last week we set two guys on a date from Nepal. Devid and Aasis for October 10th, they are pretty cool the best part is they are guards for our condominium ha-ha. They are doing good and they have some pretty good testimonies so far. One said he always feels so awesome and he wants to share that happy feeling with all his friends and family.

We also have a referral from Yanti, it is her sister’s daughter or something like that who is Jhenny and she is awesome. She came to the talent show last week and she said it was alright but, we taught her just last Sunday and it went really well. We were just talking and came to find out her dad passed away when she was 5. So then we switched topics to the plan of salvation and asked her if she thought she would be able to see her dad again. She said she didn't think she could so, we explained that she could and bore testimony, it was a great lesson. Yanti is super awesome she always hooks us up with people to teach. Speaking of which we taught them yesterday about the prophets and fasting and it went well.

Yanti and Dewi are super awesome and super funny. We wanted to teach them how to play slap jack or go fish or something so we brought some playing cards. But, then we had to quickly put them away cause they started to freak out apparently in Malaysia playing cards are only used for gambling and nothing else and if cops see you with them it causes trouble.... so that went down the drain ha-ha. So then we had some dinner together it was called Pecal Ayam which is basically a spicy sauce and chicken with rice and this stuff that looks like sweet potato leaves. It’s pretty good and I like it and have had it many times but, this was Elder Lewis first time having it. In my opinion it’s not spicy at all. But, he ate a couple of bites. his eyes started to tear up and his face started to turn red so, Yanti and Dewi gave him a tissue and started to giggle a bit, then they looked and me and asked me if it was spicy and I said; na tak ada lah (na, nothing is). So they said; Wah kuatnya (Wow strong)! Ha-ha so they were impressed with my ability to handle spicy food ha-ha and its just come with time I guess. I have only had two spicy things here and one was a tai spicy hot dog thing and wow it was just pretty much a bunch of ground chilies spread on a hot dog... not a good idea ha-ha and some Indonesia spicy sauce which is good but, seriously spicy, more spicy than the Thai food I have had. But, Yanti and Dewi are super awesome and super funny you'll just have to meet them. They should still be here in a year. We referred her family to the Indonesia Mission again so hopefully we will get a response for her she really wants them to learn.

We also have a new investigator from Sabah named Ivy she is really cool and she asked some really good questions, like how to know which churches are true and how to understand the Bible. The best part is she is living next to us as our neighbor ha-ha so it’s easy to follow up.

Also Lina is doing good giving us some friends to teach every time we talk to her. She has tried to share with another friend the only problem is they just go to the other churches out of convenience. We also have Rina an investigator from Sarawak she is doing good and she loves the Book of Mormon but, she says she feels like people are laughing at her when she reads it? Don’t know what that’s about but, we told her if she feels good when she reads it, then it’s from God. She is doing well but, she can't come to church right now.

We are also teaching or kind of teaching a girl named Veronika form Indonesia. She believes the Book of Mormon is true but, she just doesn't quite understand how it came about ,first because the introduction isn't in the Indon BOM and second we can't teach her really cause she is a maid and her boss won't let her have any time off. Also for church her boss takes her with her to a church which she doesn't like :/ but, she has read almost half of the Book of Mormon and she wrote some questions down and she totally had a Joseph Smith experience where she felt really awesome then like Satan bothered her, and she said it was dark, and then she felt really good as she keep praying. She is really awesome she wrote a cool letter with questions in it and I just wrote her one back but, we haven’t seen her again yet.

That pretty much all…
Elder Watkins

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Kathy said...

I love reading his letters! He must be getting used to the spicy foods:) I can't even imagine ground chiles on a hot dog!