Thursday, September 30, 2010

Stick with what you know...Valuable Lesson Learned!

Last Friday night I thought I would change our background to Fall. Well...I got into the new blogger Design and boy was that a mistake.  I messed up the whole blog and I thought well, I will just restore it back...I restored it back alright it restored it to the original template that we created two years ago :(  Yeah...I got physically sick to my stomach thinking, what have I done.  Everything I had done for the last two years to our template was gone. Jeff tried for a few hours trying to get it back  but, to no avail.  Of course I didn't sleep that night. Jeff called the guy that does all their computer work who is super smart.  He did a few things and got it back...we thought.  It wouldn't update and was like locked in time. I couldn't post etc. Anyway him and his wife have been figuring out how to fix everything for us.  They are truly amazing and I think with a few more tweaks we will soon be back up and running.  I am so grateful to them and for the incredible knowledge and all the time they have spent trying to fix my terrible mistake. As for me...I will stick with what I know and learn how to backup before I do any changes again with our background.

Thanks you know who you two are the best!!!

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