Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Back to work after training...

Singapore Mission Photo August 2010
This was taken at their training last week. This is probably the only time that all 80 missionaries will be together. Thanks Elder Blissett's Mom for sending us these pictures...they are priceless.

Is it just me or does Nathan look older???

Hey Everyone,

Well this last week we did a lot of things but, mainly it was the training from Pres. Clark in Singapore which, was great and should spice up the work. We have been doing lots of finding the last couple of days with not a whole lot of success of finding good new solid people. But, I guess you don't know how solid they are until you get a couple of lessons in and get them to church. But, not a whole lot of return appointments and new investigators. We found someone a couple of days before we went to Singapore named Joyce, she is from mainland China and the part she is from they have a couple of churches so she is actually already Christian. She is pretty knowledgeable and is pretty cool. But she stays up late doing homework and wakes up late in the afternoon ha-ha so it’s rough to get her to church. She and her 2 other friends. They all slept in and missed church. And the other ones we had to come all fell through.

All the recent converts are doing good they were all able to make it to church. Dewi and Yanti were blessed this month because they were pretty much able to come to church every Sunday this month and also to be able to come to the talent night yesterday. They are still doing amazing and Sister Yanti brought her sisters daughter to the talent night and she is down here to learn and really enjoyed the show. We have a ton of talent here in KL its crazy and the members just busted out all these great talents that you never knew they had and it was crazy awesome.

We also have been seeing sister Lina she is also really excited to share the gospel. She brought her boyfriend but, he said that he will listen and come to church but right now he won’t read or pray cause he doesn't want a Christian one and he is super stubborn. But, she has another Christian friend who is Nepal and is interested only problem is the friend didn't come cause it rained. But, she has a Filipino friend that comes back in a couple of weeks she wants to bring to church.

I am not sure if I told you this but, she comes from the same church as sister Christine and Ima and I guess all three of them were the greeters at the church and now they are all in our church. Well long story short there were 4 indonesian greeters and she is talking with the fourth one to try and bring her to church :) so hopefully we can get all 4 of them ha-ha. She is awesome. She already has read much of the Book of Mormon, it’s crazy and we taught her and she even gave me new scriptures to use in the lessons that I have never found before ha-ha. Yanti is the same way it’s crazy how dedicated they are to reading and praying about the scriptures. They always help me to remember what I must do. I hope I can be as diligent as them when I get back. It is just too sad cause they can rarely stay the whole time for church cause they would make great teachers but, maybe they'll open the branch up in Medan and be a great strength to it.

But, were just working on finding new people to teach because we handed over all the people on baptism dates and half of our investigators and they were the most progressing ha-ha. So right now I need to get some new people and it comes down to talking with everyone and I guess I need to have a little more faith and have some more serious talking with the Lord cause I just have no confidence in some of the people we found especially since they say yeah come back we confirm and then wow surprise no one is home... So I know there are people ready for us I guess we just got to find them and get the members to find them for us too.

So I am pretty happy because Yanti's cousin Jenny is looking to be pretty good especially since she lives nearer to the church were as the other cousin lived very far way. Well the only thing to do is to get my butt into gear and work hard and talk with everyone. Keep praying not just for me but, that the members here will have opportunities share the gospel and then refer them to us.

Till next week
Elder Watkins


Mom Hatch said...

No it's not just you. He has grown up. It is amazing how they change in two years. So fun to see his picture.

Matt said...

There is a branch in Medan, Indonesia. Here is the contact information

Branch President Nurtjahja

62 61-836-3730

Brian said...

This is a great photo of Nathan!