Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Things are still putting along...

Me with two Pakistani Christians we met

Hey Everyone,

Well this last week was pretty good. We saw lots of new people and are starting to get a bigger teaching pool. I’ll start off with Jhenny who is super awesome. It’s Yanti's cousin and she is going to get baptized on October 24th if not sooner. She has only one concern and that is if she doesn't pass the medical for her work then she'll get sent back and won't be able to get baptized. But, she is super awesome and like a bright ray of sunshine ha-ha, she is always super happy and its funny cause she knows a bit of English so she throws it in once in a while and the Indonesian accents with English makes me laugh every time. She also loves the Book of Mormon so hopefully she can keep that up and hopefully finish it pretty quick.

Devid and Aasish are doing well and are working their way right along towards baptism. This Sunday they will be at church and they are pretty excited about baptism still. It’s super awesome because we follow up with them about commitments everyday because there our security guards and so we walk past them 2-3 times a day ha-ha and they are super funny. Devid is super awesome and speaks the most English and he is like a missionary. Then you’ve got Aasish the funny man who is alway making funny faces and then bobbing his head ha-ha. Aasish is sending a Book of Mormon and a Bible home to his wife in Nepal so that is also cool.

We are also teaching these 14 Indonesian girls we found in Mentor Court they all work at a factory called Freescale and are all from the same village, school, and church so they all know each other. Only problem is it is hard to find out the ones who really want out of the group. We have taught them twice now and they are pretty cool. Their names are Merba, Eva, Asnita, Elsi, Jojo, Relisma, Meny, Winro, Franicha, Lely Narcahaya, Isnawati, Leli Putri, Nurhayati, and Dolly. Ha-ha so many but, their super cool I’ll get a picture next time of us teaching them in this big circle and send it. We taught them the Plan of Salvation last time and I had to use 10 pieces of paper to make it and they hung it up on the wall there so it’s pretty sweet ha-ha.

Sister Lina is doing awesome and she just finished the Book of Mormon about a week ago and she was pretty excited. She understands the scriptures so well and it is easy for her to find those that relate to what we are teaching and it’s cool. I think one day she'll be a teacher in Sunday school or something.

Sister Christine is going back to Indonesia for 2 weeks. Her and her family are planning on going to the temple or she planning on doing baptism for the dead and her family is just going to walk around cause they aren't members.

Sorry I am missing capitalization but the key board is broken... Also something that is exciting Oscar the Nigerian that I found back a long time ago that we passed to Thurman and Carter when we split the area got baptized on Saturday and received the Holy Ghost and the Priesthood on Sunday. He was one happy man and it was sweet. We also got a new senior couple named the Brown’s they are cool and have got some intense culture shock ha-ha. But, they'll do good they were called as Family History specialists or something like that. Also on Sunday we went to the Felt’s place and had us some good old steaks, pork sausage, and good old Dr. Pepper ha-ha.

We’ve also found some new people we got a Filipino named Shree who is learning and pretty cool and also another Indonesian that was referred by a door contact by a Sri Lankan lady. Things are still putting along and that was pretty much our week in a nut shell. And I am running out of time on the meter so that’s all.

Elder Watkins

P.S. Thanks for the email Josh…I’ll get you an email next week since my time is short this week.

I also forgot to tell you about Ivy are other baptism date she is from Tawau in Sabah and she is awesome she flaked on us for church but, she is doing good. We are going to have to have the tattoo talk cause she already a has some and we ran into her sister and we said where is Ivy and she said getting another tattoo....

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