Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Devid, Aasis, and Karsen get Baptized

Hey Everyone,

Well I don't have a whole lot of time to email today. But, Jhenny was interviewed on Monday and totally passed her interview and it was super cool. Elder Horman the one who interviewed her said; she is super ready. She is super funny though and I think she is better at joking around than me and she totally gets sister Yanti every time with something new and it is super funny. At church though this last Sunday it was sort of like being back home watching people pass notes in sacrament. Jhenny and Sister Dewi were talking to each other by writing notes and passing them back and forth. Then the passed it back to me and it has a picture of a poorly drawn person and it then says; ELDER WATKINS.... Jangan Nakal (don't be naughty) then, Mana Ada Sayang (where is the love) and I don't know where or why they said that but, the person they drew kind of looked like a pig and it was pretty funny. She is super excited for her baptism and is working her way right along. Sister Yanti has been with her every step of the way and that’s how it should be. When the member brings a friend it helps both of them stay active and they do it all together.

So Devid and Aasis got baptized along with Karsen, the PJ Elder’s baptism, it was pretty crazy having a combined baptism but, it was totally worth it. It was awesome and it only took 1 dunk for each one…ha-ha. But, Aasis bore a strong testimony afterwards that was super awesome and really brought the spirit. I'm glad to see he is very strong and that he is super pumped up to share the gospel with his family when he gets back to Nepal in a couple months. Also Devid is going back to Nepal in February. All in all it was an awesome baptism and the members were there to see it too.

 I did get to see all of General Conference except for an hour of it because we were late to church waiting to pick up the six Indonesians. Only 3 of them came but, that is a lot better than none. They had a pretty good time and it went well. They really like the “Motab” Choir singing a lot and they asked us to teach them some of the hymns in English. The three that showed up were Jojo, Elsi, and Isna. They were having a good time at church and it was good for them to be able to hear the words of a prophet.

I have also got some sad news and some good news. Rita is super awesome and is the best. It turns out she might not be getting her year visa extension because the first doctor said that she wasn't healthy enough. She went to another doctor and he said there was no problem so, still no visa yet but, she will see the doctor again on Saturday. She is super awesome and was a great referral from Sister Christine. She just called us one Sunday morning and told us she was bringing a friend to church and that the friend was super excited to hear about the gospel. She has only been a Christian for the past 28 years and before that she was Muslim and after she became a Christian she was pretty much exiled from her family. That is one of the reasons she likes the gospel so much is that she can do work for her parents who passed away as well as get a new family a Branch family :). Now the only thing that is keeping her from getting baptized is that she hasn't been taught everything. So we are going to just teach her a big huge lesson this week and get her interviewed on the same day then, baptized the next day. Hopefully the plan can go through, we talked it out with the assistants and this is the plan we made up. She is super excited and we will talk to her again tonight. But, she has such a desire to follow Christ and his teachings. She told us that she loves the Book of Mormon because it helps to her understand thing she didn’t understand for these past 28 years. I guess after we had taught her the first lesson, Sister Christine had already challenged her to be baptized so, when I called her to follow up later in the week she was like, I want to be baptized in the true church and I was like…say what???!?! ha-ha. She is one prepared person for the church and the gospel. It is crazy how you find all these people and you would have never found them if it weren't for awesome members following the spirit. She is super cool and has already read to 2 Nephi 16. She is super awesome and hopefully everything will work out. The best thing to happen would to be able to get her visa extension and then not have to do a big huge lesson for the plan of salvation, tithing, and fasting along with an interview.  But, it is for sure that the Lord knows who is ready for us and what we need to say. We just need to be willing to find those people and be willing to open our mouths. 

Ivy went to Sabah and it was in Tawau where Elder Blissett was but, she is already back here and so is Elder Blissett ha-ha. 

Sorry…there are no pictures this week this computer won't accept my reader card. The slide was super fun. I'll send some pictures next week since the computer is being dumb here. I also didn't get any mail from Singapore, hopefully soon :) 

That’s all...
Elder Watkins

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