Friday, October 15, 2010

Milan, Italy Trip...

Milan, Italy…Friday, October 15th – Sunday, October 24th

This has been an incredible trip…they have wined and dined us nonstop and then some more… a little bit of heaven. I haven't eaten so much food.  The gelato is fabulous and I have only missed not having it two days so far :)...but today is another day...I am trying to taste all the wonderful flavors.  These elaborate big dinners we go to have at least 5 or 6 courses and don't even begin until eight at night...try going to bed with that on your stomach.  They bring you bread and you dip it in the olive oil and balsamic vinegar, next prosciutto, salami and one time they had sliced bacon fat…it is all sliced really thin…or there is mozzarella with sliced tomatoes.  Salads they just have olive oil to drizzle on it.  One night we had this little brown muffin/cupcake thing that was actually a mushroom soufflé for the appetizer.  Next come the anti pasta usually some type of a risotto with mushrooms, or raviolis, cavetti and sometime two pastas side by side.  The first time I thought that was the main course so I ate all the pasta.  Boy was I wrong.  The main course is some type of a meat dish…beef, veal, pepper steak…I accidently bit into a pepper corn and man was it hot.  One night they had a boneless chicken breast with spinach on top and melted cheese on the top and they have small peeled potatoes quartered and deep fried…kind of like a thick cut French fry.  For desserts we have had like a tiramisu, fruit with a tiny scoop of ice cream on top. Of course they have wine all through dinner and then sometime they would have what they call grappa…some type of alcohol you have with dessert and then a tiny little cup of caffe.  I think that is why we got invited because we don't drink coffee or alcohol and so our tab is only half the price...ha-ha! 

Mushroom Souffle

Anti Pasta
Chicken with Spinach and melted cheese and "Purple" Mashed Potatoes
Here is my travel log or journal if you want to read on...

Friday, October 15th

We flew out of SLC to JFK and barely made the connection flight to Milan…raced to get there and then after we pulled out we sat on the tarmac for about an hour and arrive in Milan Saturday morning around 9:00 a.m.

Saturday, October 16th

We walked down to the Duomo and went inside and looked around and had kind of a light lunch at a restaurant in the Galleria called the Biffi...all I could think of was how you have biffi duty at girl’s camp to clean the bathrooms.  We walked around and we had our first Gelato...I decided I needed to have it every day so that I could try all the flavors.  We walked back to the Hotel…we walked about 6 miles to and from…we later found out that Jeff Reed had let us astray, you can practically walk straight down to the Duomo in about 15 minutes instead of an hour each way. Then we had a welcome dinner at the Hilton Hotel with.

The Duomo
The Galleria

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