Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Off to the Largest Indoor Tube Slide!

At the top of the Tube Slide at the new Empire Shopping Mall

Looking down from the top of Tube Slide...I can't wait to see pictures of them on the tube slide! Hopefully next week.
Somewhere on this table is a dish of "STINGRAY"...I think it might be the one on the far right in the reddish orange sauce.  His comment was...It was darn good!!! Only Nathan...he is so funny ha-ha! Eating with Brother and Sister Siow and Sister Sophie and her daughter.
Hey Everyone, 
Boha Khabarmu? Nunga Mangan?

Well this last week was pretty good. Devid and Aasis passed their interview last Saturday with the Assistants and they are getting baptized this Sunday after we watch conference. They are super excited for the baptism. Turns out Aasis is going to be heading off to Nepal in December so, then he can bring the gospel to his wife and hopefully he can baptize his family over there. We just saw them yesterday and explained about General Conference and about their baptism. Also on this Sunday, Carson who is the PJ elders investigator is getting baptized. It should be an awesome experience.

Jhenny is still doing awesome she is super cool and funny and we get along great cause she also likes to joke around ha-ha. We were supposed to meet up with her yesterday but, she made a promise with her friend to go to Jalan Jalan with her friend. But, tonight we will see her with sister Yanti. Adik Jhenny is super awesome and she has been teaching us Bahasa Batak along with Yanti, Dewi, and Maria. Bahasa is the language from her tribe which is pretty fun and it’s not super hard to pick up but, it sounds crazier than Malay. She'll be getting baptized on October 24, which is pretty super fantastic. Yanti and Dewi are still doing well and they are excited to be able to hear the prophet and the apostles speak for the first time. 

Monday night as we are waiting for Elder Thurman to come back from Singapore we decided to stop by the new shopping mall down from our house called, Empire and it truly is an empire. It has a super awesome ex pat store in which I found tortillas for my taco meat and seasoning ha-ha. They've also got Dr. Pepper. They also have got some super legit Johnsonville Bratwurst mmmmm but, sadly 32 ringgit ones ha-ha... We also found at the mall the largest indoor Tube Slide in the world! And we will be riding that today. 

We have still been teaching those Indonesia all 14 of them but, weeded them down to about 6 good ones. All of which will be coming to church this Sunday which should be exciting. They are all praying about baptism. One of them, Elsi has already read the Book of Mormon a couple times and highlighted it and she was super pumped about it, and knew it was true. So I am pretty excited for their progress. 

Ivy went off to Sabah for a while so we don't know when she'll be coming back. But, Brenda is now on baptism date for Nov 6th and were pretty pumped. She said, she knows there is a God and that she must be baptized to be changed to better person, is how she put it and so it’s going down ha-ha… she is awesome. 

Brother Rafael referred us to us his friend Ayo and his brother and they are doing good. Ayo better than his brother but, Ayo is super tight and works as a chef at his own Nigerian restaurant. He is super cool and he taught us a bit of pigeon English ha-ha.  
Other than that, it is just the usual constant battle of finding new solid people. Last Friday I contacted an Iban from Kuching who is staying here. She is pretty cool and had met with the missionaries from Kuching once. She is working here and I meet her on the lrt. So who knows when or where you'll run into people. 

Umm…not too much to report other than that. Elder Thurman did make it back in. My new camera is awesome. My suit is here in Malaysia now and I did get a 3 month stamp…I already checked.

Elder Watkins

Oh yeah I forgot...

We also got another sweet referral from Sister Christina she gave us her friend who works at a hotel from Jakarta she speaks English and Indonesian. Her husband is from Melbourne and she has two daughters who are 22 and stay there also. She is super sweet. She has such a sweet soul and is very receptive to the spirit. She really is searching for truth and she feels that God has led her to the church. She said it’s like the same experience when she converted from Islam to Christian back in 1998 in Indonesia. She is super awesome and I think if she reads the Book of Mormon she'll be awesome. She was super happy that she can learn from us cause she never had a church teach her so that she understood. She gave the closing prayer and asked God to show her the path that she must follow and afterwards with tears in her eyes she thanks us so much and said she'll be back to church next week for sure. 

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Georgia said...

That slide looks super fun. I wonder if Ivy is anywhere near Tawau, Sabah (a long shot, I know).