Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Last week in Kuala Lumpur...Getting transferred to...

Hey Everyone,

Well this week sister Jhenny won't be getting baptized sadly. She got anti'd by her mom and she really respects her mother, one because her father passed away when she was 5 so she is super close to her mom. But, she will get baptized eventually and she still is willing to learn and come to church, which is good. still awesome and is going to do well and probably won't get baptized while I am here. She basically was on the phone with her mom and told her mom she was getting baptized next Sunday and how happy she was then her mom said you better not be getting baptized without being a 100% sure it’s right or I’ll be angry kind of thing. So we were worried she was going to drop us. So we went and saw her Sunday night and brought Sister Yanti her cousin and Brother Eder and taught her about baptism authority and why we need it. We went through and asked her some questions, how she came to know for herself that she knew it was true. She said I want to be baptism but, I am scared of what my mom might say. Sister Yanti being the awesome member she is then pulls out the Liahona and shows her a bunch of examples of converts who also faced the same thing then it helped her a ton. She then committed to continue to read and pray every day and to continue to learn and come to church. Things started to go really well. We then closed the lesson and threw out some high fives and made sure she was happy.

But, Rita the lady with the visa problem is going back to Indonesia this Sunday and comes back on the 29th and should be baptized still on the 6 of November. She is doing good despite all the problems in her life right now. We haven't been able to teach her just because she has been out of town waiting for her boat to Indonesia.

Ayo is doing awesome though. We almost didn't get to see him before church on Sunday because he canceled the appointment on us but, then this last Saturday the Lord gave us a ton of help ha-ha. As we were wandering around Mentari Court we actually taught 3 of our investigators without any appointment cause we ran into them as we were heading to go knocking and we taught them and asked some great questions and had some awesome spiritual lessons. One of those was Ayo as we were walking off I saw him and we went up and he was like, yeah, I got time to meet now so we went and sat down to teach him. It went really well and he is super excited for his baptism. We taught him the gospel of Jesus Christ and it went really well, he has some great insights to the Bible and the Book of Mormon. He is super awesome and is doing well. His baptism is also on the 6th of November but, he is debating changing it back one week. He is also super excited that once he joins the church to share with his other friends and family to bring them salvation. We told him how he can baptize people and even go to the temple some day. He at first thought he could only go to the temple in his life 2 times ha-ha and he was pretty stoked about that then when we explained that could go like twice a week he was freaking out ha-ha.

Then before that we got a call from a member who just got back from his mission in Auckland, New Zeeland and he was here in KL with his non member sister. So we went and taught her and it was pretty cool. That Saturday I haven't had so many things just come in like that it was crazy. His sister is Methodist but, came to church and she got a new friend at church so I think things well go really well for her just because of that. They are pretty sweet. Brenda is doing awesome. We taught her last night just about the word of wisdom it went really well. She did have any problems with any of them until tea. But, with coffee she was confused she was like all my lecturers and fancy business women drink coffee so why is it bad ha-ha. Then we are like and the last one is tea and her mouth dropped. She was a little sketchy at first if she was going to give it up. She said she didn't want to waste the little bit of green tea she had left so she went and got her tea and it wasn't a little ha-ha so I tried to stick it in my back pack to take it and throw it away then she said she'll give it up and just give her tea to a friend so it’s not wasted ha-ha. She at first wasn't super willing to give up her green tea but, then we asked some inspired questions and she solved her concern herself. They were pretty simple they just basically helped her understand that God knows what is best for us and once she figured it out in her own head she was down to follow it. This new training we got really has been helping out a bunch. Basically if we just listen to what they say they can solve their own concerns and with a member also.

Devid and Aasis are doing awesome and this Sunday they will receive the Holy Ghost and they are super pumped. It is sad though that Aasis is going back in less than 3 weeks but, he said he might move to where the church is with his wife. But, he also told us for 150RM you can fly from his home to the base camp 2 at Mount Everest. But, they are doing awesome. And that is pretty much it for the week, nothing else to report.

Elder Watkins

I forgot to tell you…on purpose to keep you in suspense but, I am getting transferred to East Malaysia in Sabah as a ZL (Zone Leader) in Kota Kinabalu :) I go there next Tuesday woo-hoo. Elder Carter takes my place in KLang with Elder Lewis and Elder Thurman will get a new companion.


Georgia said...

Oh my goodness, this is so exciting! He's the new ZL Kevin mentioned would be coming to Sabah. That is so awesome. He's going to love it.

Gary said...

Way to go Elder Watkins. We are so happy to hear about his new experiences to come.