Sunday, October 17, 2010


Sunday, October 17th

 We went took a two and a half hour train ride up to Venice and it rained so we didn't get the true feel for it but of course it was still really neat and fun.  It was pouring and blowing so hard when we first got there and of course when we got of the bus they were selling cheap umbrellas to everyone who did have them...we had only gone a block and hit this open area were these gusts of winds just hit your and all the cheap umbrellas that people had just bought were ruined and broken.

All the umbrellas that people had just bought...ruined from the gust of winds that turned then inside out...Jeff couldn't resist taking a picture.

I did get a purse and a couple of really pretty sweaters. The little place we had lunch at in Venice so we could get out of the freezing rain had the most delicious hot chocolate.  I was so creamy.
Some of the interesting Little Shops

Towards the end of the day the rain stopped and we walked across the bridge and saw a museum of Leonardo da Vinci's Machines.  That was neat.  

When we were walking back Ben wanted to touch the water and walked down these three steps and it was really mossy and he slipped and fell in… clear to his knees.  We laughed so hard and this Italian guy saw him do it to and laughed too.  Only thing that was hurt was his pride...we will always remember Venice as were Ben fell in while touching the water. 
Ben after he fell in the really had to be there...we laughed so hard! 


We came back and they had a dinner in the hotel here at the Hilton in Milan with VBFA group and Doug and Annette Wilkinson from Long and Assoc. joined us too.

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