Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Eder is here from KL and so are the Bed Bugs...

Hey Everyone,

Well things are good. Sad news is that Maria didn’t have time to meet us on Friday she was busy and from what it sounds like she will be busy until the New Year. I tried to call her on Monday even though she said she thought she couldn't meet but, she didn't pick up so hopefully after the holiday is over she'll be easier to meet. We still have had contact with her though and she is still doing well and was happy to hear from us.

Dexter is doing better he still won't be able to get baptized at this point in time but, he is still good to go at a later time when he is older or maybe when this all blows over. But, sadly he is heading back to kampong on the 31st of December. He'll be coming to church and then to the Christmas party tomorrow. We had an awesome lesson with him yesterday thanks to Eder...

Yes, Eder is here from KL so its back like the good old days hanging out with Eder and using his amazing teaching skills ha-ha. Eder is probably one of the best teachers ever. His knowledge of the gospel, scriptures and how it relates is amazing. The lesson he helped us teach with Dexter was amazing. We went and met with Eder’s Dad on Sunday and there we talked a bit about Dexter and he had some great ideas so we brought him along and man, it was awesome. We talked about how when he goes back he needs to be a light to his family. We read about how you cannot light a candle then have it hid under a bushel and how he has to be the salt of the world. It went really good.  We then talked about how he must be an example to his family and how he just needs to continue to read and to pray while he is gone and one day he'll be able to join the church. He was super happy and pumped again. What was amazing is how asking the right questions and then Eder making sure it was said the right way, how much he understood from the scriptures because his reading isn't the best but, man yesterday he was understanding a lot. So he'll come back around the Chinese New Year and well be able to meet with him again. But, as for Eder's dad, he is good. He is funny and he is down to learn from us and to hear what we got say. He knows the church is true he is just currently procrastinating with everything. He drinks and smokes but, only drinks when his family isn't around so he doesn't really need it. But, right now we are just going to work on getting him to come to church. He'll be coming to the party this Thursday and he should also be coming to church. We figured if we can just get him to church it will be easier down the line to get him to stop smoking and instead of just focusing on that in the beginning. He already knows he has to stop to ha-ha…I mean his family has been members for a longgggg time.  

We have also been teaching Stell a member’s daughter here and she is doing good. She is 19 and man she is tall for a Malaysian ha-ha. She is really smart though. She is always thinking and she asks lots of deep questions as we are teaching. On Sunday we asked her if she knows this is true and would she be baptized.  And she said, of course I will. So, yesterday we taught her and she said she feels great when we teach her and when she reads. She thinks that is her answer. So..she is getting baptized on January 1st!! She is moving right along and it is going great.
We recently had a young single adults Christmas party because this branch has well, a lot of young single adults ha-ha. It was a pretty big hit we had a bunch of people and it went really well. Stell, Leslie, and Jacob some of our recent converts came to the party and had a real good time.  

We got a new referral from Sister Wendy, named William, he is a tour guide for Sabah, he is still young but, really enjoyed church. We are pretty excited for him. He said, coming to church was a lot better than just hanging out in the real word ha-ha. Well other than that things are going pretty good and nothing to complain about. Things in KK are doing great and we are working hard.

Oh…today I had to throw my mattress out, we are having a problem with bed bugs... so, we are trying to get someone from pest control to come and take care of them. I have little red spots all over me :(

Talk to you guys on Christmas!
Elder Watkins

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Yikes! Bed bugs??? Well, I guess there are worse things, but that's no good...