Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Finding the answers in the Liahona


Well everything is still going good over here. We have a good teaching pool but, with just not as many awesome people who are willing to come to church and be baptized kind of thing so, we are working on finding some more good solid people.

Wendy is still solid for baptism next week. She has already been interviewed and is already to go. But, we are just waiting on her to get back from China now. She went off to there for vacation for a week and gets back Friday night the day before her baptism. She is awesome though. When she gets back we are going to try to teach her kids, she has 3 children but, 1 is here in KK that we will try to teach.  She has another son who is married and is Christian but, is off living in Miri in Sarawak so he kind of out of our reach but, not out of the Miri elders reach ha-ha. Then the last one is in Singapore but, the sad part is she said she hasn't heard from him in over 3 years and she doesn't know if he is even ok. But, she is basically an awesome missionary and has brought lots of friends for us to teach. 

Last night we taught one of them named, Michael. We set him on baptism date for January 1, 2011 and he is doing a lot better. Last time we had met with him he couldn't come to church because he was working every Sunday morning so he couldn’t make it to church so we told him to ask for it off and after we met with him this time he told us he got Sundays off and can make it to church no problem. So he is doing good.

Selester just got a job that requires her to work ever other Sunday which isn't awesome but, she has now brought her brother who is 12 and her father with her to church and so now we are going to start to teach them. Her father and brother are sometime in Laha Datu where there are actually quite a bit of other members but, there isn't a branch of there yet. He was pretty impressed with how much Selester has changed for the better and how much happier she is and is also willing to learn. This Sunday her baby is going to get blessed in sacrament meeting so it will be super cool to see that happen and the progress she is making. 

Fiona is also still doing well with her progression she is having us teach her mom and her mom loves the church so far but, just doesn’t like the part about no coffee ha-ha but, Fiona is doing great. The sad part is she said she might be moving back to kampong which is in Kudat pretty much to stay there forever and only come here to visit. But, we told her to just to keep reading and keeping the commandments and when she comes down here, to come to church and also that she can always meet with other members up there which there is quite a bit up there also.

We also got another new investigator named Stell which is Sister Dorkas's daughter and she wants to get baptized. Right now she is in the KL area but, it is a couple hours from church by car. She is coming back here in a week and well teach her and she told us that she wants to get baptized. So that is something exciting. 

We are still teaching a couple of Chinese aunties that we found the other day the meeting went ok but, they are crazy a little bit about RC and crazy healing session things. 

Ah Yong our other recent convert is doing good he is bringing his younger brother to meet with us tonight. Basically his brother is the only one that is not yet baptized and once he is the whole family can go to the temple and be sealed together. The cool thing is his mother just got back from the temple 2 weeks ago from taking out her endowment. 

So, an update on Maria. Maria is still doing good we only got to meet with her for about 20 min. on Monday but, it was a great 20 minutes. She thanked us a ton for meeting with her again and that she knew our first meeting was no coincidence. She said she knew God had placed us in her path. Well in preparation for meeting with her I had been searching everything I could about plan of salvation etc. and I still couldn't find anything that stood out for her. Then it wasn't until the morning of, I was reading the Liahona from October the temple issue and the talk by Pres. Hinckley was in there and the first paragraph basically was like the questions she had and how the temple answered it. So  I read through it and so did Elder Wright we didn't find anything that would be super confusing for her to understand and it was almost like it had been written for investigators of the church. So we met with her and gave her a copy of the Liahona. It was a great 15 minute quick lesson. We won't be able to see her again till next Friday because she is going on vacation till next Thursday. We actually met her at her work because that was the only time she had so, we haven't met the whole family yet.  But, we found out she has a huge office and lots of awards and she is super kind. She even introduced us to her office mate, Marcina who is also Christian.  It was pretty good. The funny thing is they had a little library that we were sitting in front of while we were waiting for her and the lady in the library called Marcina to come out and check who we were and why we were here. Then we told her we were here for Maria and then she call Maria and speaking all in Malay said; there a two white people here for you and I think they are from Australia. It was pretty funny then later we were introduced to her and Maria told her we could speak Malay then she was all embarrassed because she realized we understood what she had been saying ha-ha.  So things are going good with her. 

We have some other people but, they are just new and not so awesome… yet ha-ha. We apparently are dancing in a Christmas party for the church here. So we are doing the “Jump on It”; by Sugar Hill Gang with the Branch Presidency ha-ha… so it should be good.  And that’s all that I can think of for this week. Just working on finding new families etc. 

Elder Schone is doing better and we haven't had any update on him yet. Elder Ng-woon (Kiwi) and Elder Skanchy go home next week so there will be some changes that we don't know yet but, there will be a new assistant.  

That’s pretty much all…
Elder Watkins

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