Sunday, December 5, 2010

Our Silver Anniversary!

It all started twenty five years ago today...December 5th, 1985

Our journey together...

And then these two came into our lives.

"Oh the joy of having a little brother"

Some amazing times

Good times as a family

Happy Anniversary Jeff!  Ask me again and I would do all over again with you.  After twenty-five years I still am asking myself how come I was so lucky to get you!  Thanks for the memories and the two boys that you blessed me with that makes our family complete.  Life isn't always easy but, I wouldn't want anyone else by my side to share this amazing journey we are on!  Remember it's not the breath you take its the moments that take your breath away as you go through life.  Here is to many more of those moments together.

My Three Favorite People

This is one of my favorite pictures...If you could only keep them this young for a little longer.

Except for our hair being a little lighter...I think we look just as young as we did back then...


Kathy said...

25 years?! Wow... it seems like yesterday. Congratulations! You still look as good as you did back then, but as young... I don't know about that:).

Darcey said...

I think my parents must have left me home the night of your reception, because I was too young to go...just sayin'!