Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Only thing...the water was COLD!

Hey Everyone,

Well everything is still going good here we had some super awesome things happen and then just last night they crashed a bit.... We taught an awesome lesson with Dexter last week and he accepted a baptism date for December 25th and he was super excited. After working for with him for a while it finally paid off. We figured out a lesson for him and it went really well. Then, Sunday him and his cousin (Relphie) who is a member, they followed us and did missionary work. He loved it so much and was like I am going to be the first Rungus Missionary and it will be awesome. He helped us teach Sis Fiona's mom and it went really well cause Rungus is her best language.  He pretty much taught the 1st lesson to her and did a really good job. Then last night we were teaching him the 10 commandments and right before the last commandment he got a call, who we thought was from his dad. Turns out it was his mom and she was a little angry he was getting baptized.... But, it really didn't seem to faze him too much till later that night he called us and said that he might not be getting baptized any more. I am not quite sure exactly what he said but, the jest of it was that his mom was mad and that baptism was a question again. We told him to just hang in there and we would talk with him about it on Friday when we came to see him again. We called Sister Jemimi and she was going to talk with him today about it and with his father. Sister Jemimi will help a lot because she is his aunt and he lives with her. The whole situation is a little sticky because his father and mother are divorced and his father said; yeah, if he wants too, let him get baptized. His dad likes this church a lot because he learned about it a little last time he was in KK. He is currently working in KL in Shah Alam and he works at a factory or as a security guard so he doesn't have the best sift. Long story short he basically follows his dad and his mom was kind of watching him in Kudat but, really wasn't taking care of him out there and just let him go wild and be like a gangster.  Basically, he was a pretty bad guy. But, now he has changed and prays all the time and is doing awesome. His mom never cared about him going to church or anything and all of a sudden she started to care a bit. Luckily when we talked to him about the 10 commandments we stressed you know we must honor our father and mother but, it doesn’t say we must obey everything they say especially if we know it’s wrong. So I am pretty sure it will all work out and with the help of Sister Jemimi it will be good. We’ll probably call him later today and talk with him a bit because it was hard to talk to him last night while we were on the bus. But, well hope for the best and do our best to follow the spirit and it should be all good. I know the lord blesses us and some time we have obstacle because Satan is out there working his butt off ha-ha and making it harder than it should be… what to do. 

We have also been teaching a girl named Yuli she is from Celewasi in Indonesia and has been here for 3 years. She works at a hair salon and we contacted her when a member took us to a place to get haircuts on p-day and we contacted her friend who worked there. It worked and we got a new investigator. 

We haven't been able to find some good strong new investigators in the last 2 weeks. We haven't gotten any recent referrals but, our contacting efforts aren’t working out so well right now. We find some okay people but, they won't set up, they just give us a phone number. But, we are working on it, I suppose sometimes it can't just be smooth sailing. We are working with members to get some referrals right now. 

Wendy got baptized and it was pretty awesome. She had a great experience and all went as planned, only thing she didn't like was the water was cold ha-ha. She brought her friend Madam Yap with her again and Madam Yaps son. We taught them after church and they are getting baptized on the 25th of December also.  They are doing awesome. Her son is way funny and he loves church a lot… not so much sacrament but, the rest of it he loves. 

We are also teaching a members daughter named Stell, she came back from school and she wants to be baptized on the 25th also, so should be good, we are way excited for her. 

Sister Fiona and Us...
Sister Fiona is going back to Kampong this Thursday and then at the first of the years she is moving to KL to work at her friends Salon so she'll be moving into the Klang Branch... It is sad to see her go but, she said it will be better for her family.

Aku Sama Elvince
All in all things are going good and we are moving along just searching for new people and always searching for a family, which is still going good but, so far the families we find are super flaky. We try so hard to meet with them but, it just doesn't happen for some reason maybe, we are just planting their seed. 

We see Maria this Friday and hopefully it will go good. We talked to her on Saturday and she was with her kids doing swim lessons. She was happy to hear from us.  It should be good.  She has read part of the Liahona Magazine we gave her.

Well that’s all, see you all next week.
Elder Watkins

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Kathy said...

I love the pictures! He looks really good. Less than 2 weeks for the Christmas phone call!!!!