Wednesday, June 22, 2011

89 people at Church with Nine of them Investigators!

Hey Everyone,

Well this last week was pretty dang sweet. We had a total of 89 people at church this Sunday which is I am pretty sure is a record for Sandakan with 9 investigators at church. We had Elder Kampenhout down from KK for exchanges also. He did Ebie's baptism interview and she passed! So we are pretty dang excited Elder Browne especially was because this is his first baptism so far. We also found out that her sister wants to learn and get baptized because she is not going back to Kampong any more. Their mom is also way interested the only problem is that she is working on Sundays so it is hard because she can't get to church. She has gone to a couple of activities and loved it.

Roger and his wife are also doing great they came to church this last Sunday. He brought with him his less active daughter and grandchildren so it was so awesome to see so many people there. They are super sweet and we are super excited for the progress he is making. This week we are hoping to put them on a baptism date.  Their knowledge of the Bible is amazing. It is really great because it is bringing some inactive back to church who have been members for 10 plus years.... The member is also very excited cause she wants her father and her mother to be baptized cause they are the only people in her family that are not members, her sister is also a member.  But, they are super awesome.

Baby he is still doing great we put him on a baptism date for July 16th, so that way we have time to prepare him and help him understand everything. He doesn't have a Christian background but, he is a dang, smart kid. We are pretty excited for him. Well sister Lucy is back from Kampong and we had an amazing lesson with her family and her husband and Brother Alex followed us to it. Well it turns out that Sister Lucy husband is actually a Christian he just isn't super active and well he really liked it. He knows our purpose the only problem was his Malay isn't the best. So we brought Brother Alex. Brother Alex was amazing and he helped out a ton and made the lesson great. Well he wants to come to church but, last Sunday he couldn't make it because he was fixing the road. He works for the government repairing the roads and he has got quite a bit to repair right now cause of the floods. But, he came to the end of priesthood and Brother Alex did a great job of fellowshipping him and even got him some of the cake for Father’s Day. The crazy thing is we ran into him the other day at the Ning's... We just had finished teaching Baby and I said; “Elder Browne that is Ah Ken's truck and he goes, nah; I stopped and looked around and then we looked up on the road above us and there was Ah Ken and his crew fixing the broken bridge ha-ha…so, we ran into him and he was pretty happy.

Jennifer and her auntie and son are doing great again they got anti'd but they had us come back because of our trust with them she wanted to ask us personally. Well the aunty wants to get baptized but, she thought that she couldn't go to the graves and clean them and respect her ancestors any more well... We brought brother, Lee and his wife and man they took care of that and so next time, we are going to invite her to be baptized.... They are super cool and Sister Jennifer is such a sweet lady...
Last week we also saw a guy named Jaffirin he is Sungai and he and his family actually lived in Texas for 2 years. He speaks good English and is a Jungle ranger guy (I think that is how you would say it). His son is #1 in all of Sabah in his age group for Badminton. We aren't going to be able to see him this week cause he is going to KK for a week and be in meetings all day for a week but, he said when they get back we can meet up.

Last week we also found out that they have a mini basketball league that you can just like drop in any day from 4:30 to 7 p.m. so we are going to play with them a bit today. They have some legit guys playing b-ball and they have a nice court. They have legit jerseys and basketball shoes and the works so we are pretty excited... Well that is pretty much it for us.

Mejumpa Vagu Mengin Aku Dikaw. 
Elder Watkins

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