Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Turning 21 in KK...

Nathan got his wish.  He was able to go back to Kota Kinabalu for his twenty-first birthday.  Elder Martin had to go to Singapore for his Visa Run so Nathan went to KK because the Wieland's where going there for Youth he had to go along...I don't think he was disappointed about seeing old friends.
 Hey Everyone!

Well this last week was a good one. First things first, I am emailing you all from my old stomping grounds of KK. We have just been seeing all of my recent converts here and helping the elders teaching their investigators.  

My companion Elder Martin is transferring to Sibu Jaya in Sarawak so I’ll be getting a new companion for my last 6 weeks named Elder Browne. He has just finished his training so it should be good. I really have been thinking about my last 6 weeks and how Elder Browne and I can kick some butt in Sandakan and find some awesome people to teach and get her done before I go home.

This last week was dang good we had a lot of activities going on and it was good for some of our recent converts and investigators to get fellowshipped into the Branch.  Jeffrey Tiga got baptized last week which was way good and it was great to see his whole family back together. His mom was way happy because their family is now complete and they have a new goal of getting to the temple but, they just have some other things to work out first. 

A sad thing though is we lost Rosmina... She went back to Kampong.... Her husband is still in Sandakan so we will hit him up and keep it up with him but, it sad that she is gone...

Melvin is still good but, we will have to try and hunt him down because he will no longer be coming to the member’s home and we have to go and see him at his work place.

Jennifer, her son, and Auntie are still doing good they are just taking it slowly. We are just really focusing on getting the auntie to come unto Christ and understand why he is important and how he can help us. She reads and understands and come to church but, we haven't gotten her to pray she is just way too shy and I don't think she understands why she needs to yet,

We are also working with Ebie she is so awesome. She can read and then explain it back to us and so far she loves it. She even asked us if she could get baptized the other week, we were already planning on inviting her but, she invited herself so… it’s even better. She fits in very well with the Branch and is well fellowshipped. Her mom is also learning but, she works on Sunday so it is hard because we can’t get her to church.

The Nings brought us a new referral from their Kampong…it is their cousin, his name is Baby; yes, Baby ha-ha…which is crazy I know but, he is tight and so far loves church. We are also teaching his dad, Wilson too. Hopefully something good will come from it.

But, tomorrow I am on a flight over to KL for a MLT again so it will be my last time in KL for meetings. We are working hard with a lot of Part Member families but, the last week was rough for seeing them because of the holiday most of them weren’t there. But, they are doing good and have sincere desires. We are just trying to build a relationship with all the members to try and get referrals and get them to help us out so we can get some good work done down in Sandakan.  

Irene is still doing good but, she is still having a hard time reading the BOM so we are just reading it with her at our appointments but, she didn't make it to church because she said she couldn't bear to see Elder Martin again since he was leaving... but, she is still willing to learn and come to church so, we will work with her and hopefully we can strengthen her faith and help her to find the truth.  Well that is about all I can think of. Talk to you later.

Mejumpa Vagu Ingin oku Diikau,
Elder Watkins

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