Wednesday, June 15, 2011 new companion is Elder Browne

Hey Everyone,

Everything is still going good in the far off and exotic land of Sandakan and it is nice to be back and getting to work after learning some awesome things and then being able to apply them.

Saturday night we went with the Wieland’s and they had found Roderick!!! A Recent Convert who had dropped off the map for a couple weeks.... Well he basically changed his number so now we got his new number and his new home and now he is back in the action. He is still good and he said; well Elders you need to come and teach me twice a week now to get me all caught up. So we are excited because he is back.

Roger and his wife are now out of the hospital and we are teaching them at the home. They are super amazing and their knowledge alone that they have gotten from the Bible is amazing and his ideas pretty much match the Lords church and he got most of it from the Bible but, he is way pumped because the Book Of Mormon is exactly what he likes, it is helping him understand the fullness of the gospel. They are way cool and quote lots of scriptures from the Bible but, even just the other day the wife quoted one for us from Mosiah 13. The daughter, Sister Dosy is a member and so it works out well. She has hopes that they'll join the church they would be the last ones who are members in their family. Man…they would make a some great members they are super smart.

We are still teaching Baby, who is going great, he is a smart kid and reads the Book of Mormon and he so far has prayed and it’s going really well. He is getting along great with the members too.

We also just got a referral from some members here named Lovely and he is pretty good so far. Hopefully we can teach her again, she set up a return appointment, we have high hopes for her.

Ebie is still doing amazing and moving right along for baptism. We taught her the Plan of Salvation and Word of Wisdom, which went well but, she loves to drink Milk Tea so she is going to do her best. We will see her again tonight to follow up with her on it. She says she wants to stop but, it is her favorite drink so, we’ll see how it goes. Her phone broke so it is hard to get a hold of her.

Rosmini is still doing good as well with no complaints she is way funny and is doing great. They just came back from Mile 30 so, they can come to church again ha-ha....
Tonight we go with Elder Wieland to teach a contacted referral from Youth Conference. They live out at mile 14, we are having high hopes for them because they have a car and speak English.

We are also teaching an Iban guy form Johor, who Elder Browne used to teach there. He recently moved here so we are excited to go and see him. He should be good…speaks English and is new to Christianity.

Irene is still doing good we read with her 2 Nephi 33 and it went really. It is probably one of my favorite chapters too, she is still really worried to read it on her own. She said she is scared if she reads it something is going to happen…well its true but, maybe she worried about what will happen if she joins the church or if it isn't good or something.

Things are good and just trying to finish strong and keep my eyes open for those who are prepared to hear the gospel. I know that they are out there but, they are hiding sometimes from us.

Oh yeah…BTW… my new companion is Elder Browne from Pleasant Grove, UT.  he is cool and played football. That’s all.

Mejumpa Vagu Ingin oku Dikau
Elder Watkins

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