Tuesday, June 17, 2014

One Year Down and the Second Stake in Thailand!!!

Elder Landon J Watkins Week 53
Week Eight in Samut Prakan

Monday, June 16, 2014

Hey Everyone!

Well another week down! This coming week is the last week before transfers and we are going back to 6 week transfers instead of 9 weekers! So this should make transfers feel like they fly by! 

Well first off I’ll start with the big news! The second stake of Thailand was created yesterday; the North Bangkok Stake, way cool! So we had our whole Stake which was called the Bangkok Stake, but now it is called the South Bangkok Stake. We were joined together in Stake Conference with the North Bangkok Stake. I honestly have no idea how many people were there, but a ton; probably close to 1000. We rented out a massive ballroom at a hotel for it.  So many people came we had to bring in more chairs and the whole room was so full of people that even a few had to stand; it was crazy! I got to see all the people from Ayutthaya and all the other members I have met around. Even Ice and Taaw from Nongkhai were there because they moved to Bangkok so I got to meet up with 2 of my RC's! 

Other big news for this week is… guess who hit their year mark on their mission this past Thursday!?!?! Yep, I am finally over the hump, can you believe it, it has been a little over a year since I left and it has cruised by, but that is a good thing! Thursday we had plans to go have a nice dinner and eat a buffet, but the Branch President called us around 3 o clock and was like; hey you guys want to come eat dinner at my house tonight, we were like, yeah!! Free food and the Branch President and his wife make such good food. He is definitely the best Branch President, also just a way fun and cool guy. This is the fourth time this transfer he has had us over to his house for dinner which is crazy because he usually only has the missionaries over once a transfer, but he just really likes us I guess and keeps inviting us over. I'm sure we will be over again, maybe this week since it is Unsworths last full week before he goes home next week :(. 

As far as investigators go they are doing pretty good! Tik is still on track to get baptized this week she says she wants to, but when we taught her this past week she is like 50/50 in believing in Heavenly Father and Jesus. She believes our religion is great and she understands it, she just hasn't quite received her answer, yet. Ing which is Sister Muay niece who gave us a scare this week said she didn't feel like she wanted to go to church anymore. But we have an awesome member Brother Surad go visit her and clear everything up and sure enough Sister Muay and her niece came to Stake Conference which was way cool! Our two English class investigators are doing good Phing and Faa it just stinks because they can't come to church until July because of school. So hopefully in about 2 more weeks we can get them to church; that'd be way awesome!
Sporting their new suits...

That is really all I have for this week. We don't have anything planned much for today, probably just relax Brother Keng is coming tomorrow to visit so that should be cool. My suit feels way good when I wear it also I just feel like I got come class! 

Anyways I love you all and have a great week!


Elder Landon J Watkins

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