Monday, June 23, 2014

Samut Pakran Week 9 Transfer 5

Elder Landon J Watkins Week 54
Week Nine in Samut Pakran

Monday, June 23, 2014

Hey Everyone!

Well, as you can see from the subject line it is week nine and so this will be the last time I will be writing that. Maybe because it is transfers this week! WooooHoooo ha-ha-ha! We are officially switching back to 6 week transfers instead of 9 so now transfers will just be cruising by. This last week I've just been mentally prepping myself for whatever happens. I'm just expecting that anything crazy could happen, from going district leader or becoming senior companion and training, but I doubt that will happen, but you never know. We don't know anything that is going to happen though as of right now, but what I do know is the I really want to stay here; way bad! Unsworth is going home so that is one person gone for sure! My companion has been here 2 months longer than me so that usually means he is more likely to move and then Elder Hales could move so why not just let me stay here and bring in 3 new Elders, why not let it fly?

Honestly not much happened because my companion and I were just sick all week; it stunk so bad! I guarantee my comp got it from someone at stake conference! He woke up Tuesday and thought, I'm getting a sore throat and we were just like, great ha-ha! On Wednesday we had a switch off it was Elder Unsworth and me because Unsworth wanted to be we with one last time before he goes home this week! The other Elders just stayed at home for half of the day because my comps sore throat was really bad!

Thursday my companion woke up and was still way sick, so I called Sister Senior and told her what was up and she said told us to go to the hospital and get him checked for strep! No strep, but they gave him some medicine. We went and ate lunch and he took his meds and they just knocked him out ha-ha! We went to the house and he just passed out, asleep on the bed for like 5 hours; poor guy, I felt bad for him. 
Friday I wake up and guess who has that scratchy throat feeling... me dang I was trying so hard to avoid it!  So I got it from him, but not as bad I guess. So Friday we got some things done and then went to get my companions warts checked that he had lasered off last week and ate Cold Stone! :) Cold Stone is soooooo good; it is better than Swenson’s, it really is exactly the same as it is in the states! Got the classic mint with Chocolate chips; sooo good! We came home and rested before Book of Mormon class since we were both sick. We went and had Book of Mormon class and I had to teach it all by myself ha-ha! I taught 2 Nephi chapters 10 and 11, it wasn't too hard, but we are just starting to get into those Isaiah chapters! We also taught Tic after class. She is so ready, but she just doesn't have a confirmation yet that is true. She is really willing to get baptized, but I'm not about to force her into the water, so we are just trying hard to get her that answer. So our baptism plans for this week fell through. It is alright though!

Saturday I'm still sick, but I still have my spray that Brother Keng introduced me to that kills the bacteria in your throat so I just sprayed that in and we went to Brother Yut's work (He’s our Branch Mission Leader). We went and did a service project with all the people at his work helping to create a garden type thing. It took us about 4 hours and was quite the amount of yard work, if I say so myself! I have a nice blister too from breaking up the ground with a pick axe! It was fun though…got to meet some new people! After we showered off and ate some dinner Unsworth and I went to the church to practice his special musical number for church.

Yesterday we had 65 people at church and we have a new family that moved in which is actually an RM (white guy) who married a Thai lady and they have 3 kids and another on the way. That will be nice to have them in the branch plus he speaks Thai like a boss since he is an RM from here. Anyways Unsworth and I did a special musical number I played the piano while he sang; “Be Still My Soul”! If you were wondering…yes, I can still play the piano ha-ha! Hopefully if I get a new companion that can play and then I won’t have to play in Sacrament meeting, but if not I can take on the challenge.

That's all I got for you all this week, have a good week! 


Elder Landon J Watkins

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