Monday, June 9, 2014

The Longest Day of My Life!

Elder Landon J Watkins Week 52
Week Seven in Samut Prakan

Monday, June 9, 2014

Hey Everyone!

I'll start off by telling you why I'm emailing later today! Our zone scheduled a zone sports day so everyone in our zone met up in Tall Bridge ha-ha (that is what it called if you translate it into English). Luckily they have a member there who works at the international school and so we got to go there and play sports; it was so cool! We started off playing soccer and can I say those 3-4 years I played from the age of 5-8 paid off, Mom because I got a goal ha-ha! I've still got it! It was crazy though because we played for an hour and half and only 4 goals were scored, 1 by me, 1 by Elder Winsor who played college soccer and 2 by Elder Berbert who also played High school soccer! After that we hit the basketball courts and turns out the hoop was only and 9 feet 1/2 inches so I was throwing down with ease, just to let you know Dad I can still jump. We put it up to 10 feet though and I can't throw it down, but I will be able to when I get back after a month of some training for sure. My squad came up with the win and my blisters didn't get too bad so that was good! I even still got my Kareem hook shot going. There is one kid though, Elder Savage who is 6 foot 5 just massive, who was a beast on the glass for the first part, but we switched up defense and I got on him, put a body on him and we came back down 14-10 to win 15-14 so that felt good. After that we played some football; can you believe that, that was way fun. I played some QB and wide receiver, but we didn't get to play much because we are missionaries and most of the people are out of shape so everyone was kind of done. We all went to that Mexican restaurant again; just as great as usual, no complaints! After that we cruised down to Watergate and picked up our suits! Man mine looks so fly I can't wait to try it on! I will send some pictures.

As for this week it was pretty good! Our two new investigators from English came to English again and they both will be coming to church on the 22nd when they will be free on Sundays. Hopefully we will get them baptized! Sister Tik is still doing way awesome she is going to get baptized on the 22nd she has come to church like 8 times now, she just wants to finish all her testing before she gets baptized, so that is okay. We all are teaching Muays niece and she is doing good, she also has a date for the 22nd. We also have our investigator Phaa, but she had an appendicitis attack and it burst this week so we went and visited her in the hospital she is doing better. 

You may wonder why all the dates are for the 22nd well that is because this week on the 15th is Stake Conference and we are part of the Stake sweet! Also we are pretty sure the second stake here in Thailand will be formed and announced…lets goooooo! You know what the means right? New stake means an apostle has to come! So it could be way awesome if one comes since Elder Anderson came the May before I got to country and I wouldn't probably get to meet one if that happens, because they only come every 3 years. Anyways I'm way excited, plus I can wear my new suit :). 

This week we also had Zone Conference on Friday. That was way awesome! President Senior almost stood up the whole time and gave us tons of training. It is the best when he trains us because he just blows our minds with the simplest of doctrine, but it is so good in helping us fix the way we teach, it is awesome. Elder Khanakam came (the 1st Thai Seventy) and gave us some training. It was all good except Elder Unsworth had to give his mission testimony and that was the worst thing ever because he just gets up and started crying and reality starts to set in the he is going home in 3 weeks; so crazy, I'm going to miss him! I love the guy so much, best friend ever. He is just the greatest at keeping me sane in everything. Just a special relationship that he trained me and we are reunited in the same house, so cool!

Anyways other than that I can't think of anything except on Wednesday was the longest day in my life ha-ha! We woke up at 6:30 am and left the house at 7:30 and came home at 9:30 pm. We worked for 14 hours straight because we had so much stuff to do! It was crazy because usually we study until 10:30 am, but we just had so many other appointments to get to, we just cut them out ha-ha. It was good though it wasn't that long it went by pretty fast, but I was just so tired afterwards! That is about it for this week! Have a good week everyone Love you all!


Elder Landon J Watkins

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