Thursday, August 20, 2009

Itching to leave...

Apa Kabar Setiap Orang! (Hello everyone)
This week was alright not too much to report. We should be getting our actual flight plans today since we leave in like 11 days, so were all excited. The language goes good for lessons and such not so much for everyday vocabulary ha-ha but I’ll pick that up somehow over there. We got a new teacher who served in Malaysia-Singapore mission named Brother Maynes from Oakley Utah. So now he is telling us all the words we learned in Indonesian aren’t used in Malay so we are learning basic words all over again sadly :( oh well. So story time I suppose.... So this goes down on Monday (Senin) and I am flossing my teeth being a good missionary who wants healthy teeth and guess what happens as I floss my bottom teeth? My stupid permanent retainer breaks off on one side!!?! I mean what the crap is this! Isn’t it suppose to be permanent and floss goes and breaks it off? So good thing I have the pull in and out one for my bottom teeth or I’d be screwed.... So 1 more p-day I have left after this one we have 1 more day of everything right now except 2 Sundays and 2 Mondays but the one Monday is when we leave and it’s just straight up fun stuff with what they call culture day. We were the host missionaries yesterday, which was fun stuff. It had been over for about 20 minutes and we were walking to lunch and had our host stickers on still when 3 cars roll out with 6 new missionaries who showed up late so the MTC police was like, Hey you two go and help these guys so we did. It was hectic since everything was all closed for the original planning.... wadu.... so for another hour we helped 6 new missionaries find out what they are doing ha-ha the lady said we could just leave them and let them figure it out but I remember how sucky the first day was in the MTC ha-ha. Oh and its SYL speak your language all day every day till we leave the MTC and then it will be like that in Malaysia ha-ha. We found out that there isn’t a middle class really it’s just really poor or rich so it’s got some extremes that way. Our new teacher was telling us how there are head hunters still around and stuff and that there is a religion that’s called Ibon traditional and all they do is one time a year they get together sacrifice a chicken and get drunk. So this will be some intense culture but I am planning on not being ethnocentric(SP). Mempertanggunjawabkanyalahnya that is the longest word in the language it’s pretty intense. Elder Porter from Delta is having his parents make us some Malaysia shirts there pretty tight they sent us a demo one. They are sending us one cause the stupid MTC doesn’t have one for Indonesia, Malaysia or Singapore so we all felt super robbed it’s pretty cool. I don’t have anything else, so if you guys have more question feel free to email me them so I have something to write in this.
Selamat Minggu Elder Watkins

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