Thursday, August 6, 2009

Scott Lake Fishing Trip

The Lake Trout Jeff caught on Dunvegan Lake

The 42 inch Trophy Lake Trout

The 39 inch Trophy Northern Pike out of Scott Lake

Jeff went with the CES Group to some remote lakes in Canada last week on a fishing trip. No cell phone service after he left Saskatoon, Canada! Great for him but not so great for me so I was surprised to get the email below on Saturday. He had a great time...I felt like I had two missionaries out. Landon ended up with Strep throat. So it was a quiet weekend for us. The pictures above are of some of the Lake trout he caught.

They have the internet available in the recreation room so I thought I would send a quick update. The time here is the same as SLC. We had a great day of fishing. We flew out to a lake called Dunvegan. I caught at least 21 lake trout. I caught 5 trophy class fish. The biggest was 42 inches. I missed out on the biggest fish of the day by 1". I did catch the most trophy class fish out of anyone. Jeff Thompsen caught 3 and he was the next closest.Tomorrow we are going to fish for Northern Pike on Scott Lake. Hopefully it will be as good as today. The weather was 68° and partly cloudy. Not too bad.


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Jeff, how cool for you to catch such big fish. I hope Joan has a big enough pan to cook them in!

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