Thursday, August 27, 2009

Last Email from the MTC

This is us "Saving the President" ..."It wasn't planned just happened".

With his class and teacher Brother Bindrup

This is Nathan's last email before he leaves. He sent home a few pictures and so I thought I would post a couple of them. He flies out on Monday. We are looking forward to talking to him on the phone. I hope you enjoy reading his email and I hope we have one to post next week.

Hey everyone what’s up? So this week was better. We got our first apostle as a speaker on the last Devotional we had here. FINALLY!!! Waahoo! It was Elder Richard G. Scott. He did a great job it was a fantastic talk. This week my companion’s ankle got really swollen so yesterday we went to the health clinic here at the MTC and had them check it out. They didn't know what was wrong so they sent us off to the some kind of foot doctor. So we went out into the real world… I know intense. They don't know what’s wrong with his foot so they x-rayed it to see if he had a stress fracture but he didn't so they gave him some stuff and if it’s not improving by Friday he can't leave with us on Monday. But the really intense part is… as were standing outside this place waiting for the shuttle back to the MTC. We have two ladies probably 23ish come up and talk to us and we were like thinking is this allowed?!!? I mean were not even use to talking to the sisters in the MTC, it was intense. Then some guy drives by and says hey. Then he steps on his breaks and goes into reverse and comes back, and then he asks us if we needed help. And were thinking do we look like we need help. But we said no, he says, let me give you something. And then were like OK buddy were not 3 were not falling for the I have candy get in the van trick. Turns outs he wanted to give us some money to buy dinner. But we told him we were still in the MTC and we were waiting for the shuttle back. We told him that we were leaving on Monday and we were off to Singapore. Pretty intense I know. That’s my real world experience. We have a five hour and 30 min. layover in LAX and we are planning on giving out pass-along cards and some Books of Mormon it’s going to be pretty sweet. We’ve learned quite a bit and we can speak the language pretty well now it’s just understanding what people say over there ha-ha. So we have 4 days left really only like 3 since we don’t count Sunday’s because it’s just packing and meetings no real hard core learning going on ha-ha. I can't remember what the really long word means, something to do with judgment in the Muslim court. And I am pretty much out of time so sampai minggu.

Saya Mengasihi Kamu Elder Watkins

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Kathy said...

Nathan's letters make me laugh... I haven't had time to read them lately so I just spent the morning catching up! Thanks for sending them...