Monday, August 17, 2009

The rest of the Salami Story...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hey what’s up? So this week was alright. We were host missionaries yesterday so I saw Jared he looked a little scared but who wasn't on the first day. We saw tons of new elders there was like 354 new missionaries coming in yesterday. The MTC was a little empty there were actually extra seats in the main fireside area. Our teacher Brother Bindrup left yesterday for his CIA job in D.C. where he will use his Indonesian as well. It was a sad day but a good day. He showed us pictures from his mission and told some stories it was awesome. Then to top it all off his wife came in and we got to meet her and then she had 11 JBC!!! Wadu!! So it was an awesome day. What even made it more awesome was the bread from Grandma Berlin thanks so much you rock! So... about the salami that afternoon my companion had to mail a package so I started to talk to the mailroom lady about the rule on sending salami and she explained and so forth. The main mail lady there turned around when I said salami she looked at me funny and she sent another mail lady off to the back. This other lady is explaining the rules on packages and says if it’s cooled or they can smell it they open your package. And then I hear in the back ground we still have it. The lady is still explaining and I hear in the back ground it’s vacuum sealed and still cooled. Then this other lady comes out of the back with the salami!! Then the head mail lady was like what were you planning on doing with this salami? And I was thinking well duh I was going to hit people with it and not eat it at all... but I explained how we were planning on eating it with another district all in one night. And she’s like well do you still want it and I said oh yeah! And I got it waah-hoo. So that night we had a feast and it was awesome. So I ended up getting it in the end. BUT DONT SEND MORE I MIGHT NOT BE THAT LUCKY AGAIN ha-ha. So there’s that stories and it’s pretty awesome. We taught a man in the TRC last week (training resource center) whose name is Jackson from Orem and he just came back from Indonesia 5 months ago and joined the army reserve and is an interpreter for the military in Indonesian… way cool. He said that there are a high number of jobs in the CIA and in the military for Indonesian speaking people, which is way awesome. Last week we got a new group of missionaries heading off to Hawaii so that’s to President Peterson, right the mission president that you guys know? Yeah well they are pretty cool and we played them in basketball and had to whoop up on them :) Their pretty cool I told them to look for Elder Hatch over there when they get there. Another story there’s a place called the RC which is the call center for missionaries to call back the people who order there free BOM or Bibles etc. I called a man named Jeffrey Smith in like North Carolina and he was way cool. He just talked to me about how he lived in Utah and how much he loved LDS people. He lives on a plantation now that has been passed through his family. He said that he loved us and he knew what we believed in was true because it was based on Christ and how we need to be more like him. He was way cool. He said he wants the missionaries to come over every week and he'll feed them dinner and then listen to their message! Which was way awesome. He then proceeds to tell a story about how he got out of jail in Mesa Arizona or something like that and he has a problem with alcoholism and says he still does but he just had been released from the jail (his overnight stay for something) and he was contacted by two sister missionaries. He said he was rude to them but wanted to hear their message but didn’t so he’s always felt bad and then proceeds to tell me that I need to have a fantastic night and have a BBQ ha-ha but he was a great man. I bore my testimony and told him I would send a thing out to get the missionaries to him. It was a great experience even though I hate the RC so much. You generally get very angry people.... umm I can’t really think of anything else so Selamat Minggu! (See you next week) Elder Watkins oh yeah we should get our flight plans like next week some time or early the week after. And sadly we still haven’t had an apostle come to speak to us :(

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