Monday, August 17, 2009

Yellowstone Vacation

Yellowstone in all its Beauty

The Wildlife we saw in Yellowstone

It was hard to think about doing a vacation this year with out Nathan but we knew we needed to do it for Landon. He was six years old the last time we went to Yellowstone and it was his idea to go since he doesn't remember very much of it. You usually have to book rooms in the park a year in advance so I took a chance and called and asked what dates they had available in August and we worked it out with Jeff's work schedule and headed out. It was perfect weather. We love to get up early in the morning and hike down to the falls when everyone else is sleeping and you can enjoy it all to yourselves. We saw lots of wildlife including grizzly bears, black bears, a fox, big horn sheep, wolves, antelope, deer, elk, eagles, osprey, a badger and of course tons bison. We saw a mom and her two cubs three nights in a row which were really fun to watch. We had a great time but the back seat was a little too quiet without Nathan reminding us when it was time for food.

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