Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Jerry gets Baptized!

Nathan, Lidam, Jerry with son and Elder Herbst

Hey everybody! Well last week was pretty normal except for Christmas and the fact that everyone wanted to feed us and then we were so full going to all our appointments everyone was sick for the next couple days and didn't want any food ha-ha.

So exciting news; first is Jerry got baptized Saturday night by the member Lidam and it was a great service the spirit was strong and he bore a great testimony after. Then... it obviously didn't sink in enough how important church was and he didn’t come to church the next day, so he was baptized but not confirmed ha-ha..... Luckily, because of heavy snow in France his flights are delayed till the 25 of January and well get him confirmed this coming Sunday hopefully. But President said if he doesn’t get confirmed this week we have to rebaptize him, because we got special permission for him to be baptized sooner because he was leaving and such, so complicated but something that must happen.

Other than that this week has been pretty normal. We had some exchanges here in Butterworth, so I was in Penang yesterday and it was an exciting adventure we started off by fixing bikes because the AP’s are coming today to go on splits with the Zone leaders and so we did that. Then we met this investigator Brent who is pretty much an unbaptized member and the only thing that is keeping him from baptism is that he can’t believe that God has just 1 form (1physical form) so we tried to help him with that but nothing. And apparently according to him I have ET eyes :/ which makes no sense and was just totally hilarious when he said it to me when I was with Elder Shipp.

New Years is coming up but it’s not something super special here. What’s big is Chinese New Year here and it’s all about fireworks food and parties. During Chinese New Year they give out something in English called red envelope and inside it has money! Woohoo ha-ha it’s like getting a card with some RM (Ringgit) in it which is totally sweet and so we will have another holiday already coming up ha-ha.

So recently we found this comic book called Doraemon and it’s in Malay so we read it for language study and its pretty sweet and it’s a completely Malay made comics so it’s pretty sweet, so I'll have something to show you that’s in Malay in a package. I also got your package with the cookies and stuff in it; December 26th everything was still in it.

And that is all to report for this week. You stay classy America.

Elder Watkins out.

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