Friday, December 25, 2009

Our Christmas Phone Call

The Best Christmas Gift that every Missionary Family gets is the "Phone Call" from their missionary!!! :)

We were able to talk to Nathan on our Christmas Eve, his Christmas morning. His toe is almost better!!! What a relief. The Butterworth area where he is serving is about an hour away from Thailand and they are as far North as his mission goes. He is hoping that he will get to go to Thailand for his next visa run. Butterworth has only been open to missionary work for a year and half, and Nathan is the 14th missionary to serve there. They can only wear their name tag at church or when they go to Kuala Lumpur. He will being going to Kuala Lumpur on January 8th. Elder Russell M. Nelson is coming to speak to them. He had two sisters baptized on December 19th and then they will have Jerry, on Saturday. Their area is really starting to take off. When we asked him what his favorite part of his mission is; he said that he loves seeing how the gospel changes the people’s lives.

Elder Watkins, Denise and her sister, and Elder Herbst (Nathan's new companion)

at the girls baptism on December 19th, 2009

Sorry, this is just the highlights of this week here in Butterworth we don’t have much time since its Christmas, so here is what I sent to the Mission President. Thanks to everyone who has sent me mail, here are some that I received recently Bates, Kezerian, Williams, Jones, and a couple others that I am sorry I forgot. :/ Thanks for all your love and support.

First is Movina who’s a members sister who is right on track to be baptized which is way exciting :) she loves coming to church and loves the gospel so much.

Next is Suresh a man that I found towards the end of November, he loves the way he feels when we come and he prays, and he's already made the goal for himself to quit smoking by the end of the year, that way he can be baptized on time. He’s got great support from his mom and she loves to learn too, we just need to get her to church which is getting here to get work off since she works 7am-7pm every day :/ but well get her :)

Next is an Iban man we have named Jerry who will be baptized tomorrow at 7 pm which is way exciting he loves this gospel so much and has already felt the Lord’s blessings in his life. He loves for us to visit him and awaits what we have new to teach him.

Our 4th really great one is our recent converts Erica's boyfriend he slowly learning and willing to change since Erica is a great influence on her friends, we are now teaching 3 referrals from her and they all are willing to change because they have seen how it has effected Erica and her mom.

Also the man named Jerry whose being baptized tomorrow is moving to France by the Eifel Tower, is Ben close to there? Because then he can take him to the church there :) He doesn’t leave till the 25th of January though.

Elder Watkins

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