Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Went to Zone Conference and came back with a New Companion...

Golden Statue by the Batu Cave (only about 275 stairs to climb to get to the cave)

Nathan with Elder Thomas trying to get the Monkey to take whatever he is holding!

The Petronas Towers in the distance...

Hi Everybody who reads this email!

Well Zone conference was a very exciting week. I guess I’ll start off with the news of I found skinny ties here in Malaysia :) So I bought three ha-ha. Kuala Lumpur was pretty intense by the way of we went pretty much everywhere. We saw the KL towers again and went to the Batu Caves which is way cool. It has a giant golden statue out front and has something like 275 stairs to the top and of course a bunch of monkeys everywhere ha-ha. From there we went back to Petaling Street and to the Central Market like we did last time and got some sweet souvenirs.

Zone conference we learned a ton about recent converts and how they are on fire for referrals if you teach them what to say because they all have good intention. But they bring up the church like this. Hey you want to learn about my church? Umm maybe. Well we don’t smoke or drink tea or alcohol etc. ha-ha. So we tried it out and got 2 referrals from our recent convert. We still have some baptisms coming along just slowly. The 19th will probably be a big day because 1 we have lots of baptism set for that day and 2 it’s the Branch Christmas Party!

This week I also have some more good news and bad news. Well it seems as though every zone conference I will get a new companion ha-ha so now Elder Leavitt has now gone off to Kuching in East Malaysia and now I have Elder Herbst from Salmon, Idaho… wooohoo ha-ha. So in about two months I will probably have another new companion ha-ha. He’s pretty cool and he has red hair like Dads and so everyone loves his hair and always asks if it’s natural. He also has a lot of freckles as well so everyone always asks… does everyone in America have freckles.

So far we have had some sweet adventures starting with yesterday we contacted this Chinese lady and she’s like… I am the Buddha one and you are the Christ one, let’s be friends so she has us come in and gives us some water and then we talk and as we are about to leave she goes wait… its hot, you guys have an umbrella and then gave us one, so now we have an umbrella.... ha-ha.

Our investigators are still slowly chugging along. Suresh is doing great but he told us he smokes almost 30 sticks a day... that is a lot of sticks but oh well. We have Movina Darshana (a member’s sister) on a baptism date and she is totally ready and way excited.

I apologize my SD card is with a member because she wanted to print some pictures so I will have to send some next week. And yes my toe is pretty much destroyed. It’s all infected and swollen and hurts always. Sister Clark gave me some info but it not helping right now so sometime next week I will probably have to go to the doctor. But I should live from this… just with pain till its solved ha-ha. Well that’s all for this week.

Elder Watkins

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