Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Poor Toe...

Hey everyone,

So this week was pretty intense in the fact of a bunch of new things are going on. I’ll start off with the good news first. Well Denise and her sister are ready for baptism on Saturday and it will be an exciting day. But the Iban, Jerry had to postpone because he didn't get to church this week but he worked overtime so now he can be sure he won’t get called into work. Suresh is doing great and he came to church again and had a great time. Our investigators are all great and slowly progressing.

Things with Elder Herbst are going great he is a great guy and knows a lot. He rocks and is way funny; we have a good time together. He is from Salmon, Idaho they had a cattle ranch for Black Angus Beef…Mmmmm.

We didn't get a whole lot done this week because on Monday I had to have my toe nail removed. And it didn't hurt too bad, but it still hurt cause the numbed it and then they didn't wait long enough :/ but oh well. So for the past couple days Sister Clark said I had to stay in unless I have an appointment... so it’s been pretty boring. But we saw Darshana and Movina and they are a great set of kids. Movina should be baptized on January 9 2010.

Elder Thomas didn’t get a new companion just I did. So on Sunday we had a good amount of people come to church and it was exciting to see so many people coming to church since the last couple weeks have been kind of low.

Another sad thing happened last night when we went to see Darshana. After the appointment we came down and our bikes had been picked apart. They stole my seat, my seat pin, and my back mud flap... so annoying. I was really annoyed and angry but Elder Herbst said, oh well what can you do and we road off very slowly ha-ha. It was really frustrating and such but what can you do.

The other day we had a funny story with these 2 drunk guys. One Tamil man was drunk and was riding a bicycle and he had some hedge trimmers. We just talked to him and were nice and then he’s like, where you going? and we said, to Taman Panda and he said, I'll take you there, so not knowing what to do we had him follow us to our bikes, but then he said, let me go stash my weapon and were like o.k.?! So when he went we ran to our bikes and then road away really fast laughing, he was so drunk and so funny keep saying no offense... laugh ha-ha. Then we ran into another really drunk Chinese man that same day and the same thing happened, but he was taking us to this house, we hurry and ran off when he turned a corner. Then 2 days later we ran into the drunk Chinese guy again, and of course he’s still drunk and tries to show us to this same house again and when he turned the corner, we ran off laughing again ha-ha… so good times.

But now my toe nail is gone and it’s a sad story, but I get to wear sandals now ha-ha. Other than that, nothing too new happened. Till next week.

Elder Watkins

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The Hatch Family said...

We need to hear the story of Nate's toe. It must be pretty intense. Just a few days until you get to hear his voice. :)