Wednesday, December 23, 2009

No Email Today...

We didn't get our Wednesday email today :(... We are hoping that it is because he has P-day on Christmas. He was supposed to let us know when to call him...oh least he gave us his phone number last week and if all else fails, you can be sure that we'll call him!!! We are looking forward to talking to him and finding out how is poor toe is doing :(

Thanks to all of you that have sent him things this means a lot to all of us! Your generosity is truly amazing. We are constantly being blessed for his Service to the Lord.

May the spirit of this Christmas stay in all our hearts in every season of the year. Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

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Cook's Family Blog said...

I've been waiting and since I didn't get one I looked on your blog and saw you did not get one either. Hopefully on Christmas day. :)