Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Elder Thurman down...

Pictures: A big pile of chili peppers which burn like crap if you eat one, my mouth and throat burned for 30-40min and they are super big... there is one more smaller than that and its even hotter. But ,if it gets in your eye its toast. The other one with the chili peppers and the workers are from Ayam Penyet my favorite restaurant here which is Indonesian Sambal and stuff mmmm… Sedapnya. The other ones are just some cool pictures.

Hey Everyone,

Well this week was pretty crappy for missionary work cause... Elder Thurman got infection in his intestine so he was in the hospital. He is now out and doing a lot better so pretty much for about 6 days we just sat at home or at the hospital with very little appointments. Good news is that he is better and that hopefully by Friday he will be off and back into the work. We stayed at the Gleneagles Hotel and it was very nice, it had a very nice TV but, for us the beds weren’t so great I slept in an arm chair thingy and same with Rathnayake ha-ha. But, we were near the Xpac Soter so I got some Dr. Pepper, Orange Crush, and Welch’s Strawberry :)

The good news is this Sunday Lina will be getting baptized WOOOT! So we are pretty excited for her and the progress she has made. She is super awesome. I also forgot to tell you we put Sammy our fitness trainer on baptism date for the 12th of September so that is pretty exciting. He is pretty cool and very willing to do what we ask him but, I am worried he doesn’t quite understand what being baptized in the true church really means to him yet.

Brenda is doing amazing and she is really opening up to us and loves church and learning about God :) she told us her concerns and she feels like we can help her. She will be a bit slower but once she knows it’s true and stuff I think she will be a totally awesome and strong member in the church. I am really excited about teaching her. The only problem is this week she thinks she is too busy to meet with us because she has a English paper due so hopefully we can get her taught this week and with Brother Kheng Saint help. He is translating for us and his knowledge of the Chinese culture and people has really been a great fellowshipping tool.

We have a guy named Diwan who is looking to be baptized because he says he knows the church is true then after that he feels he can find his soul mate at the church ha-ha which maybe he can. He is an Indonesian from Medan same as Dewi and Yanti.

Speaking of Yanti and Dewi... Maria finally came around and will for sure be at church this Sunday and is now making a step closer to baptism again. I think she really wants it now and has overcame her concern. They have such a sweet spirit with them I love them to death they wanted to come and visit Elder Thurman in the hospital and take care of him ha-ha which was really funny but, they were serious. They couldn't make it though cause of work but, they are going to come over and see him at a Kedai by our home and they also want to see Elder Austin before he goes next week.

Sister Lena another Indonesian member brought a friend to learn so we got another referral and she is cool we just need to get her to church. Last week we also meet a Chinese guy who schooled at UVU and wants to send his daughter to BYU Provo and he said he has been to our church many times and actually likes it a lot and learned from the missionaries. But, I am not sure what happened to him. We also meet a member family who is going to hook us up with someone. The husband is working IT and so we talked at the bus stop about all the new computer stuff and it blew my mind a little bit ha-ha...

That is all for the week not a whole lot. Next Sunday we go off to Singapore for 6 days... but what can you do and transfers will be his next week too so, I’ll let you know later.

Elder Watkins

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Kathy said...

Love the pictures! I can't even imagine a pile of peppers like that... I love reading his letters too!