Wednesday, August 4, 2010

She is awesome and is going to get dunked :)

Hey Everyone...

Well this last week was pretty crazy with all the traveling between the areas but we have been able to find a couple of good people.

The Iban family we have been teaching haven't made any effort to come to church... I think they've dropped us ha-ha because they haven't been answering their phone and we went by their home and they were home for sure the gate was open but, the door was locked and the light was on and they didn't answer ha-ha. Hopefully with their friend Anni we picked up, something will come of it she answers her phone and is willing to let us come over.

We have been teaching an African guy named Sammy from Nigeria he is a personal trainer. I am not sure if I told you about him before but, he is cool and has come to church twice now and his only problem is his girlfriend is Melayu (aka Muslim) so he is getting pressure to join Islam. But he told us he’s planning on moving to London and she wants to get baptized there if they go there if not he has to join Islam. But he is pretty good and we are going to challenge him to be baptized tonight.

Brenda our referral from Brother Senturan is going well. She is way "cool" ha-ha she picked up that word from us and it’s so funny when she uses it she’s like coo- lah ha-ha... But, we finally got a Chinese translator over to help us teach her and she is doing awesome and she came to church. We have her reading the Book of Mormon, she just needs to pray and that’s what we focused on last night so, hopefully she'll pray since she now understands why it’s important. She is looking for God’s help in her life and we told her she just has to ask him through prayer to get his help.

Our investigator Lina, from Indonesia on a baptism date is doing well she pretty much knows everything already because she read all the pamphlets and almost half the Book of Mormon. We taught her the 10 commandments and she basically read it and then taught me the lesson on it ha-ha. She is way awesome and funny. Calling us Alders and ending every sms dalam nama Tuhan yesus kristus amen.... ha-ha But she is awesome and is going to get dunked. :)

I am not sure if I told you about Nancy and her maid from Kamboja (Cambodia) she found the church because she walked by it going to the bank and now she has come to church 3 times in a row with her maid. We haven't been able to teach her cause she claims to be super busy. But we gave her a Book of Mormon two weeks ago and she came to church on Sunday and asked me to sign my name in her Book of Mormon then, thanked me for it. She has already read to like Alma 30 and said she has read it every morning and night for a week and that it’s the best book she’s ever read. Then I gave her a Book of Mormon in Cambodian for her maid and she was happy about that. Next week we committed her to schedule time to meet us after church. But she is pretty awesome and hopefully we can get her taught cause if she already has a testimony nothing is keeping her from baptism but, learning. She also loves how our church is growing here in Malaysia and throughout the world. She is cool and keeps me looking forward to Sunday.

One thing we have been doing a lot of is strengthening the recent converts here by getting all their recent convert lessons taught and bringing members with us to get them more friends and strengthen them. So things are doing well.

We’re starting to find some new people. Yesterday we found a cool Chinese Indonesian girl. She was cool and has been here for 2 days and wants to find a church here so we have one. :)

Yanti and Dewi are doing awesome. They bore an awesome testimony on Sunday it was a great highlight to see RC (Recent Convert) bearing such strong testimonies. They were so nervous that they stared in the corner of the ceiling the whole time they spoke :) ha-ha

That’s pretty much everything in a nut shell... oh except Sister Mei a recent convert here, she is so awesome from mainland China she always gives us some laughs when we see her cause she is funny and works at KL Sentral and we are always passing through there so we see her often.

Till next week,

Elder Watkins

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