Thursday, August 26, 2010

Berlin Family Reunion

This year my family was in charge of hosting The Berlin Family Reunion. Here are few of my favorite pictures...It was a weekend of Fun and lasting memories at the cabin.

The Five of Us Kids.

Our Chicken cookoff... Judges - top, 1st Place - middle, 2nd Place - Bottom Left & 3rd Place - Bottom Right

Shotgun Shooting

Lorraine and Coleman

Cooper's big purchase at the Auction...He was so proud!

Mom, Grandma, & Great Grandma

Nick the winner of the Shotgun shooting competition

Brian and Landon

The Man with the Golden Gun

Jeff, Ben, & Landon

Daren, Jeff, Brandy and Brian having a good time

Misty, Milton, & Heather


Little Brian

Brian cooking their chicken for the Chicken Cookoff

Minute to Win It Games...

with the little kids too

Carter getting his feet washed...they were only just a little dirty!

The End...


Kathy said...

They are all great but my favorite would have to be Cooper with his Santa mugs!

jeffandlorraine said...

Obviously the best looking photo is the one of Lorraine and Coleman!!!!!!!!! Also you needed to mention who made the award winning chicken. We're #1!!!

Brian said...

It’s not difficult to narrow it down to just four, so here’s my vote…

1. Mom, Grandma, & Great Grandma
2. Brian and Landon
3. The Man with the Golden Gun
4. The End...

Honorable mentions:

1. Little Brian
2. Jeff, Ben, & Landon
3. Nick the winner of the Shotgun shooting competition
4. Lorraine and Coleman