Monday, August 23, 2010

Our Summer days are gone as School begins...

This is how I feel about going Back to School too...Somehow it doesn't matter if they are going into Kindergarten or a Junior in High is always hard to see them go back to school. I agree with the kids... Summer vacation is too short.

So long to our summer days...this background picture has been on my desktop all summer...I don't have it in me to change yet...maybe after Labor Day.

The whole neighborhood is different walk is really quiet with no sounds of children outside playing. Even the air is cool on a normally hot day in least the kids can wear their new school clothes on the first day without dieing from the heat. My mom always wrote "Hooray" on the calendar on the first day of school to begin...maybe it was because she had five kids!!! I don't think she puts that on her calendar anymore :)

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Kathy said...

I've always hated the end of summer and school starting too. Our kids (or grandkids:) start today and I have been thinking about them all morning! We sure had fun with you guys last week! We need to get together more often!!! Hope Landon had a great first day of school:)